moar weather &etc

It’s weather watch again!

While walking to SaltMinesLimited this morning an unfamilar glowing orb appeared in the sky, which when gazed upon caused all manner of spots to manifest themselves before the eyes.

You will be relieved to know that the weather soon returned to rains-ish and freezing soon afterward.

As someone more clever than I wrote to the smh

Christmas in July in December?

You may also notice the snow gently wafting across the page. Adding snow was an option in my settings, and although it is allegedly summer, it is so very cold it may as well be snowing.


Caught up for a lovely not-too-boozy lunch with an ex-SaltMinesLimited pal (long time readers with good memories might know her as MrsAPG) at Jamie’s Kitchen today.

MrsAPG (must find new name for her) took one for the team and queued for the table (for 30 min) because they do not take bookings (walk-up only) and are insanely popular.

It was most, most excellent and very highly recommended!

As I’m sure some of you are more than aware, keeping in touch is not at all my forte, but in the year leading up to four-five I am trying to be better.

You have been warned.


And I leave you with writing on things from the past 2 days

Entirely uncertain how to interpret the inverted commas around fat.

My lovely husband takes me out to lunch after Stressful Happenings.

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