Like most right-thinking people, I’m whinging about the cold.

I had a rotten sleep last night, due to freezing to death.

After yoga this evening I was planning to grab lamby from his summer home downstairs, but then I realised I had slightly less cumbersome lamb blanket hidden away in the walk-in wardrobe.

This one is made from pure virgin lambs!

Now that he has been unfurled onto the bed, you should now probably prepare yourselves for a heat-wave tomorrow.

Surely summer has to happen at some point?

2 thoughts on “unseasonal

  1. While lamby did provide sufficient warmth last night, he clearly did not bring on any sort of heatwave. Damn.

    Astounding, isn’t it? I feel as though I might need to bring the heaters back up! I may also be forced to wear tights tomorrow. The humanity!!

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