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For a good many years our winter quilt/blanket arrangement has proved rather unsatisfactory in terms of both warmth and comfort.

Joan has long been evangelising the superiority of Sheridan products, so I finally took her advice and dropped a not insignificant amount of cash (fortunately at 40% off) on a new duvet which should keep us snuggly for a good many years.

Based on Joan’s recommendations1 I’d intended to go with the deluxe dream (micro-fibre), and go up a size to King but DJs were out of King, so I went with one made from lambs.

Naturally I was also compelled to buy a cover for lamby, also fortunately reduced by 40%.

We have been sleeping marvellously since lamby made our bed his home.

We flicked our queen sized feather duvet to Joe/Frank who can now comfortably snuggle his rather tall tallness within it – the single polyester weekender quilt (purchased for weekends when he was quite small) was just not cutting it for everyday very grown-up boy use.

Truly, a win for everyone!

1Is quite astounding to have an adult child to whom you can reliably look to for advice.


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