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$30 well spent via the book man.

These arrived on Friday, we have yet to cook from either, but they tantalise and inspire!

Speaking of matters gastronomique, regular readers would be aware that I’ve been religiously photographing our evening meal for roughly 18 months now (though in 2011 have ceased the rare dinning out pix).

And what have I done with my oeuvre?

Not at lot!

Up to this point I’ve posted roughly 17% of our meals to the food blog. Frankly, I was surprised that it was that high.

While actually taking the photographs is no bother, it seems a pointless exercise if I don’t actually do anything with said photographs. Thus, I have given myself until EOFY to make the call whether to continue.

If I choose to go on I’ve made a pact with myself that the photos need to do something other than reside on my camera – though this does not necessarily mean posting them to the blog.

Darn, I hate making decisions.


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