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Joan has indulged her obsession with streamlining and joined the apple cult by acquiring a 27 inch imac.

We helped fund her purchase by buying her old computer and the television she was using as a monitor.

Now we have a quite grunty dedicated, networked, media PC which we’ve plugged into super-shiny and I have a sexy new monitor!

Zoolander streaming across the home network!

Monitor/television all glowy with marvellousness!

To celebrate Joan’s purchase, I snapped up some gorgeous fridge magnets from one of those daily deal websites which I’d intended to present her with when we collected the new (to us) computer.

Unfortunately once the magnets arrived, they bore little resemblance to the advertised item in anything other than that they were square and the images vaguely similar. They were cheap, they were nasty.

This image does not entirely highlight how very shoddy they are. I would not give them fridge room and I really could not give them to Joan.

So, naturally, I cancelled my zazz account and sent them a strongly-worded email expressing my disappointment … and was thankful that I was only out $13.

In future for daily deals, I will stick to my beloved buyinvite, who never disappoint. I’m currently awaiting delivery of an oval le creuset cast iron casserole which was 1/3 of the retail price!


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