done. woo.

As of today, Christmas gift shopping is done.

The final touches,

for Joe/Frank:
dangerous book for boys (australian edition)
1001 songs: rockwiz edition

For Bess:
sizeable supre gift voucher, for use at the post christmas sales

For dfkan:
its a secret

And there was much rejoicing.


A most excellent evening was had at the home of Mr+Mrs APG. I may have found a hairdresser and Don some golfing buddies as a result. Don may also have been persuaded to become reinvolved with this organisation (he was not the only American there – they’re totally taking over). Mrs APG is truly a stupendous cook, and I really hope that, when they eventually get the internet at home (!), she becomes one of those foodie bloggers we all envy (well, I envy them, I shouldn’t project onto you), with the p0rny food shots and the awesome recipes etc etc.


Now please enjoy some Christmas cards:

The Marie Celeste christmas card (which I just adore).
Our gift was a DJs voucher.

EasternSuburbsPowerDrinkers christmas card exterior (from little ideas, big things grow – wanky, much?)

EasternSuburbsPowerDrinkers christmas card interior (wee fence embedded with some form of seed).
His gifts included a highly expensive beach towel, clinique sun care pack, moonlight cinema tix and other things which escape me.

Thank you card to Mr+Mrs APG (totally Australian christmas).

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