this morning

If we actually liked gingerbread, I might have tried my hand at replicating this mid century modern gingerbread house, which is just amazing.

(via whipup)
Okay, I probably wouldn’t have tried my hand at it.

And these vintage 2CV promo booklet scans are just beautiful! Sadly, Bav’s promotional materials are not nearly as delightful.

(via acejet170)


Large type books, here I come! I’ve finally succumbed to middle (old) age and increased the font size in my browser. Which means I can see what I am typing a whole lot better, but is a bit of a dent in the old ego.


This afternoon will see Don and I at the tree trimming party of APG and his lovely wife. Word on the street has it that she has been cooking since yesterday morning, this bodes well indeed, as Mrs APG is quite the cook.

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