old lady week: day three

reading, reading, reading, reading – short break for dinner – reading, reading, reading, reading.

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old lady week: day two

The positive thing I did for myself today was buy race photos from yesterday’s fun run.

In my giant sample of three, this was first run I’ve been in where photos have been taken and I was dithering about pulling the trigger because they weren’t exactly cheap.

But I couldn’t resist, they were all pretty great. I had expected to be pulling faces or in flailing about, but I almost look like a proper runner!

Cropped highlights from about 4km in:

arm muscles? who knew?

i really do appear to be enjoying myself

A very good reminder that I currently look pretty good! And that I need to maintain my newly found running groove.

Official results? 3 minutes better than any time I’ve run this year. 30 seconds faster than my fastest ever 5km – back in April 2013!

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old lady week: day one

I’ve decided that rather than locking myself in the cupboard rocking back and forth, I’m going to carpe the septimanam and do something positive/nice for myself each day of this birthday week.


A couple of years ago I was one of those people who laughed at the very idea of the concept of a “fun run”. How on earth could a run be fun? Past me was clearly an idiot, because running is the funnest thing ever.

As you’ll be aware, I’m kind of prone to injury and have really taken it easy this year. According to my stats, I’ve only run 5km four times this year in January, March, April and August and each time in well over 35 minutes. As part of getting my running groove back and to kick off my birthday week, I entered the balmain fun run 5km – which was today.

I caught the bus down to Rozelle, grabbed my bib and sat about, people watching and waiting for the start time. It was a gorgeous morning, not too hot and by run time it was thankfully cool and overcast.

My goals for the run were pretty achievable, or at least I hoped so: to run all the way and get a time under 40min.

I was only vaguely familiar with the route, it was a little more hilly than I remembered and contained quite a diversity of surfaces: grass, asphalt (in various states of disrepair), rocks/gravel, concrete. I didn’t bring the garmin and had my phone in its containment device, so really had no idea how my pace was or how far I had to go. This was actually pretty good as I just kind of had to roll with it and force myself not go too hard.

The people watching was excellent, highlights:
– lady with tartan compression pants (do want!)
– lady running in the 5km in jeans and flannelette (flannel) shirt
– dude running the 10km in thongs (flip-flops) – not some sort of primal running thongs, but like, havaianas
– primary school children running like little floppy gazelles – and blowing you out of the water
– 70 year old lady finishing the 10km in 64 minutes!

And I got an Ace! medal and orange quadrant zooper dooper for my efforts. Now I’m totes hyped up on sugar.

Official times haven’t been posted yet, but sports tracker says I did 32:23 – which is pretty pleasing. If true that makes it my fastest 5km time ever – previous was 32:33 in July 2013.

I’m definitely going back next year, it was really very well organised, great atmosphere, good course and lots of fun. Hopefully I’ll be in shape for the 10km – maybe I can kick that 70 year old lady’s butt.


And forgive me for showing off, but this is what just over a year of the 5:2 diet will do for you:

still need to work on those jiggly bits

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more tiring than you’d suppose

Don and I were up early this morning to tackle tidying the garage – which was horribly cluttered and messy.

There was a fair bit of culling, Don traded in an old set of golf clubs for a new golf bag, we took a bunch of stuff to the charity shop and binned (or recycled where appropriate) a whole bunch of other stuff.

It is by no means the end of the decluttering and tidying, but an excellent start.

And then I tackled the various containers of screws, nuts, bolts and other miscellany – collected over many, many years:

Each of them held roughly the same contents:

But after a couple of hours on the loungeroom floor accompanied by old episodes of grand designs, it had turned into this:

And in amongst the treasure, I found chubby wee space bunnies!

Next up, having a serious talk with ourselves about our camping gear.

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a passion for marigolds

lunchtime companion

It was apparently pretty hot today – not so in the SML igloo, where it was only slightly less icy than normal. But, slightly less icy enough for me to bust out my naked, lilly-white legs.

Joe/Frank, not being in an igloo, attempted to head down to the local pool to beat the heat, but it was over capacity and they weren’t letting anyone in!

I did my usual lunchtime sitting in the park under the shade of a large goblin tree – which was very pleasant and not at all unbearable.

I’m trying to train myself to be one of those ridiculously positive people in the face of the heat and be all yay! summer! Because really, living here, there’s no avoiding it.


My Miss Silver novels continue to be full of delight and silliness. I’m currently reading the 15th (Miss Silver Comes to Stay [1949]). I’m entranced by the recurring phrase “wind in the head” and today I came across “distressingly fond of pink”, which of course I plan to incorporate into the lexicon.

I’m a little perplexed by “I haven’t known you for seven years, have I? But if I don’t put something on this fire, it will go out”, but I’m running on the assumption that this is some superstition I’m unfamiliar with – what with living in the aforementioned insanely hot climate and having little access to fires.

I rather wish that I’d been keeping tally earlier, but hey – still 17 novels to make up for it.

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perils of public transport

Summer really attacked with a vengeance today, though of course it was below freezing in the office.

Despite the heat I made it to the park for a good, long read. Honestly, this is such an awesome thing, I’m very pleased that I thought to do it. I’m even more pleased that I have kept it up, though I do need an alternative for rainy days.


Joan and Vincenzo have been invited to their 10 year high school reunion to be held later this year. How can it be 10 years already? I was discussing this with Joan and she noted it had been 30 years since I left high school, which had not occurred to me at all. A mere 30 years later and I’m still massively screwed up by that experience.

It was all about reunions at SML because in addition to Vincenzo, Heather is about to attend his 20th high school reunion. So naturally some workplace chatter revolved around the horror of such things. Would go to mine? Hell To The No! Was I in contact with anyone from school? Also Hell To The No. The whole thought gives me the horrors and I had to take some deep breaths.

Some days after this discussion, I was on the train to SML when I heard a phone on hands-free screeching, “Hepzibah, Hepzibah, is that you”? Hmmm, I thought, I’ve not heard that unusual name1 since I was at high school … and looked up to see a well-dressed, incredibly polished middle-aged woman and her partner fumbling with a phone trying desperately to turn it off. And then I thought, Holy![redacted]! you are the Hepzibah I went to school with! And it freaked me the hell out.

Eeep! Did I manifest this, Secret-style?

Hepzibah came to our quaint seaside village (aka bogan helltown) in year 8. Up until that point the pecking order in terms of cleverness was quite clear – there were say, 5 of us who rotated in the top places of most classes (being bogan helltown, this was no huge thing). Hepzibah blew us all out of the water with unfamiliar concepts like studying and all manner of cultural activities. She was an utterly unsufferable smug cow too, which I realise with hindsight was probably a coping mechanism.

I managed to keep up academically for a couple of years, but then went right off the rails. God, what a ghastly time that was. Hepzibah is now wildly successful as Professor of [Medical Speciality] … I’m at SML doing my thang.

Fortunately I am fairly confident she would not have recognised me, so I could cheerfully ignore her.

But wow, that was precisely not what I needed in the midst of my “what have I done with my life?” old-lady-crisis.

1real name much less common than Hepzibah

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I mentioned on Sunday that my magical, excellent garmin is being less than magical or excellent right now. Dies completely without warning in the middle of a short run and comes to life when I arrive home. Frustrating! I have tried all manner of fixes, but nothing seems to do the trick.

This morning it died again – just after my fastest km. I now have a customer support request in. This is especially frustrating as this is my warranty replacement – and I’m now out of warranty. I really <3 this thing – shame it is so shoddy.

While I am waiting for a response, I downloaded my ye olde running app to see me through. Naturally I was forced to buy a tiny containment device to … contain … the phone when I run. And then as I was in the sports store already and had the remains of a gift voucher, I was forced to buy some new running pants – my summer ones requiring hoicking up every couple of metres.

And woo! Size XS!

I am very, very excited by this development. Definitely keeps the motivation up for cheerfully continuing with 5:2 (even though I’d kill for a cake right now)!


In other tangentially pants-related news, I busted out a brand-new pair of “skin” coloured stockings/tights/pantyhose (whatever you call them where you are) and they laddered before I even had both legs in. There was no snagging on anything, they just tore. They lasted even less than the hour I predicted.

What the hell is this? I can’t believe I paid $18.95 for something I did not even get to wear – stupidly thinking that paying more would get me good quality. It is definitely back to Uniqlo’s violently bright tights for me!

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