actioning all the items

This weekend we killed it in at painting and completed the walls of all of the common areas – and even the complicated stairwell (feel the exhaustion! and the rather sore leg).

When you consider that less than a month ago, we’d not made any progress for almost 18 months, this is a pretty massive achievement. Go us! Amazing what we can do when we are focused and have a goal. Hopefully we can parlay this into … something.

It has been exhausting but very satisfying. I cannot even describe how wonderful and soothing it is to see all the bright white and not the depressing poopy-vomity-mustardy everything.

Only 5 door-frames, one walk-in wardrobe and two bedrooms to go. Hurrah! I think we can probably get that completed by mid-December.

Well, and the doors. We’re saving that particularly horrid task for the new year when we’re back from Hong Kong.

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You might remember my recent desire to acquire somewhat more professional work clothing now that I’ve climbed a little higher the greasy pole.

Having lived most of my life with no disposable income, it is actually *really* very difficult to spend decent amounts of money on myself (as opposed to the rest of the family). Spending even $100 on a garment seems wildly profligate and completely and utterly irresponsible.

In the comments on that post, the always-full-of-excellent-advice, anyresemblance suggested boden and Holy!Goodness! such a trove of lovely things.

I agonised about the expense and sucked it up (princess) and bought 2 dresses and a pair of fabulous tartan pants (despite it being not all the season at all for tartan pants) and they arrived amazingly quickly and in the best packaging I have ever seen.

The dresses were even on hangers!

Everything was of wonderful quality and fit like a dream and so a couple of days later, of course I took several deep breaths and ran off and bought even more things, which are now making their way to me.

I’ve also splashed out on a couple of (inexpensive … baby steps) necklaces from various etsy sellers. One has arrived already and I am thrilled with it.

Selfishly buying things for me is kind of cool. I look forward to a future of shoes (flats only) and attractive garments that fit me.

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magic red tape

Woke up this morning with my leg the sorest since I broke myself last Saturday. I think the cause was sleeping in my usual unusual position (see below) which put a whole lot of strain on the … strain.

me, sleeping. not pictured: don. truly, i am a loss to the graphic design profession

Fortunately I already had an appointment organised with RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio, so he poked and prodded, we exercised and re-taped. Seriously, if you are in need of an excellent physio in the inner west, he’s your dude! I’m still quite sore (probably because I have been improperly positioned while painting yet more trim), but he’s pretty confident I’ll be cool in a couple of weeks and can ease myself back to running (yay!)

After my appointment I walked up to the gym and broke up with it. It was like a double break-up with the FatController because he was on staff today and processed my cancellation.

I’m really glad that is done with and I can focus on other fitness things which don’t involve horrible injury. I’m hoping running and somewhere decent for pilates. I also hope to get back into Long Walks with Don when this endless painting is completed – which actually looks like it is in sight now that we have finished the common areas this afternoon (though still a bit of door-frame to go).

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project champions

Holy!Goodness! it was a horribly warm evening when I started this post. At that point we had resisted putting on the aircon and then I was then distracted by discussing with Joe/Frank the number of countries I’d met people from (47, I think – fun exercise!), an excellent curry cooked by Joe/Frank amidst the discussion of the countries, good wine and a very satisfying, wide-ranging career chat with Don.

Then the southerly buster hit and it became blissfully cool. For the uninitiated, the southerly buster is as cool, strong wind that often strikes Sydney at around 9-10pm after disgustingly hot days. I cannot convey the marvellousness of it.

Anyway, back to my intended subject. Three days in and I completely adore my jawbone. If anyone was built for the quantified self, it is me. I’m nothing if not self-absorbed. Plus data! All the things!

So, today’s results:

Killed the 10,000 steps (not so excellent as the first day, which was overn 16,000). Toddling around the shops at lunch makes a big difference to the count. I’m glad I walk from the car to SML and back each day because it appears to cover most of my target walking activity.

Sleep was rather less good than the previous night, and I felt it. Bad kitties waking me at 5:30am, amongst other things. I really think I sleep much less well on the 2 nights of the 5:2, so it will be interesting to have the data.

Yes, am definitely in the perfect career!

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an example to others

I was fortunate to score an appointment withRelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio this afternoon. And yes, adductor strain which required loads of taping.

the red and the black

I could have photoshopped the wobbly thigh, but I am all about the verisimilitude.

I’m apparently the physio’s poster girl for what happens when you have a less than suitable trainer. So much so that when they heard one of their patients had a fabulous PT who incorporated all the rehab work into the sessions, they thought of me (even before I hurt myself again). And emailed the patient to find out the details. Great customer service!

So I’ve sucked it up and dumped the FatController … via text. I was very appreciative and regretful.

Oh! he has just sent me a quite lovely response. Thought quite possibly the fact that I “never looked like giving up once” was part of my injury problem!

Anyway, I’ve bought a very inexpensive jawbone up and once I get the all-clear, I’ll be counting lots of steps!

And no more sledgehammers unless I am smashing something.

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pretty sure icing like a cake would be difficult too

Today I sat about reading stuff on TheInformationSuperHighway, knitting a cosy for the coffee plunger, painting the horizontal trim on the third floor landing (not the door frames, because that would have caused too much strain on my injured bits), complaining a lot and icing my groin.

As I mentioned on twitter, icing the groin (with ice, not like a cake) is a lot more difficult than you’d imagine. It is really rather difficult to isolate the afflicted area and quite cold indeed.

The pain has not really eased up, despite the anti-inflamatories, so I’ll be seeking an appointment with RelentelesslyCheerfulPhysio tomorrow.



In other decluttering news, I managed to part with the art text book I’d bought at a charity shop – identical to the one I used for most of the 6 years I studied art in high school.

Growing up in a rural bogan hellhole in the 1980s, these teensy black and white plates were my only examples of actual art.

How I actually learned anything is a continuing mystery.

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freedom to speak out, a root of democracy

To move onto more pleasant things … during the week I was utterly ruthless and made a Giant Stack of no longer required tech for the council’s e-waste collection.

Long time readers will know that this a quite radical step for me, as I am wont to hold on to these things for way too long (and make collections from the cast-off ancient tech of others).

I’m really rather pleased with myself. And really, the less useless junk lying about doing nothing, the better. In this vein, we’ve sold the love tent on gumtree (a mere 2 years, 8 months after we had originally intended) and donated our two cast-off vertical blinds to the bower. And now we’re picking through an ancient stamp collection, before donating a large package to sydney youth stamp group.

too many stamps

Unfortunately when Don attempted to drop off the tech and empty paint tins at the chemical and e-waste collection this morning, he sat in a very, very long queue of cars for 30 minutes without moving before he abandoned the mission and headed back home so he could quickly make his way to golf.

Annoying, but it is So Cool that everyone in our area is keen to do the right thing and not just toss everything in the bin. So satisfying to live in DFH land.

And clearly TheUniverse was trying to tell us something, because although I checked 3/4 of the CD drives for content before dismantling, as part of our wider decluttering programme, Bessie realised there was a CD inside the only laptop I did not check.

Now we have a stack of stuff sitting in the garage waiting for the next collection day which I must resist pillaging.

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