fancy lady

On Monday I wore a new pair of pants from cue (AU size 8 – woo!) and a new top purchased from the Information Superhighway. MrT remarked that I looked really very nice and very professional.

Today I wore another new pair of new (totally excellent) cue pants for the first time and an Ace! new top (for the second time). I remarked to Heather that I completely adored these pants because they had such deep boy-like (deep) pockets.

He responded with, “those pants look great – it’s good to see you deciding to dress more professionally”.


Despite the questionable value of taking fashion advice from someone with an embryonic comb-over and whose belly occasionally pokes out between the gaps in his shirt buttons, I know he’s totally and absolutely right.

My current look primarily consists of very cute cheap dresses with heavy black tights and flats. A look which I totes rock, but is not going to get me that dream job.

Must spend more money! And put off buying that jawbone up24 until I am appropriately garmented. I put a great deal of thought into Don’s look (and he always receives tons of compliments), I must channel this superpower toward myself.

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achieving achievers!

Don spontaneously decided to take some leave to watch his beloved Giants in the whatever-they-call-the-baseball-grand-final-series.

He also spontaneously decided to prep the Giant Wall (4 storeys – with floating stairs) for painting! This is by far biggest and most daunting of all the painting tasks and involved a huge amount of prep.

And this weekend we spent a whole amount of time painting and painting and painting (and more painting).

And Holy!Goodness!it looks absolutely amazing! Finally, about 18 months after we started, the main living area is completely done.

plus, new floating shelves!

Did I mention it looks really fabulous and so sparkly? It really hadn’t registered just how depressing that horrid mustardy-vomity-poopy colour actually was.

second most complicated bit – getting behind the railings on the ground floor (so far only undercoated)

We’re now totally motivated to power on through to the end, with a goal of all painting done by Xmas.


Also on the weekend, I finally abandoned the $99 android and am now back to the evil cult of apple. I acquired Joan’s 5s for what she would call extortion because she was upgrading (again). It is much superior, but I very much miss the sexy black and white theme.

And after having an account for around 2.5 years, being inspired by this excellent person, I finally started using Instagram. I’m here: mme_carolbaby.

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head and shoulders

first rule of sweatclub …
(middle park: melbourne)

Yesterday I took an annual leave day to gather 2 years (oops) of tax documents and meet our new accountant. Yes, we’ve finally graduated past H&R Block. The 2 years of dithering was mostly filled with much yeah, we should find an accountant … oh, yeah, we should get on to finding an accountant … .

Anyway, finally we sourced a recommendation1 and hopefully she can find some clever ways to minimising our dreadful tax bills in future – as well as getting us up to date.

Afterward we felt very grown-up and full of achieving!

Now we need to sort out the wills & such. At current rate of progress, hopefully we can cross this off the grown-up list sometime in the next 20 years.

And full of achieving, we felt all fired-up-and-ready-to-go and considered attempting to complete all of the outstanding painting & other small ThePalace(OfLove) odd jobs before Xmas (cue much mirth from viewers of Grand Designs). For that, we need a plan of work. Clearly, I need to channel all of my mad ops management skills (oh hai! future highly-paid dream job). Realistically maybe a quarter of those things will happen

Also, I ran a small (3km) distance! and I was pleased that my cadence and foot strike is slowly improving. Wondered how I ever could regularly run 10 kilometers. FatController texted me to see where I’m at and I have dutifully ignored his message. I have 4 paid-for sessions remaining. I’m thinking that I will advise him of my newly acquired exercise terror and ask if we can do a gentle 30 min session on 2 Nov and see how we go from there if I do not break.

Wishing I could channel a fearless high achieving go getter.

1We’re trying to adopt the recommendation methodology for all our services/tradespeople.

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like a dream

melbourne crossing sign

I’m really rather unsettled at the moment.

This is the first time in almost 10 years at SML where there has been minimal in-fighting and (in more recent years) I have no active enemies. Everything is going to schedule and we’re all happily working together, quickly finding solutions when issues arise and getting things done – ahead of target. No catastrophising, no slagging anyone off, no undermining. JUST WHAT IS THIS PLACE?!?!?!

Today Dr12 told me he hoped I would continue to model my behaviour to everyone – because I am so positive, energetic and solution-focussed. WUT?

Is this how normal workplaces are?

Can we keep it?

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Our experience of the completely insane once-in-a-century storm (and what a storm!) involved 4 litres of water pouring through Bessie’s ceiling and a late night/early morning power-outage.

I was forced to drill a drain hole to prevent the whole ceiling collapsing under the pressure and poor Bessie was forced to sleep on the couch (falling water being as nowhere near as soothing as one might imagine).

Don had the clever idea that our insurance might cover the repairs (a very large patch of ceiling is a quite mess) and he was right! An assessor is coming to visit tomorrow morning.

Fortunately the power was restored quite early in the morning and we have a gas stove-top, so despite the lack of electricity I could still make our morning coffee.

We’re quite sad we’ve already packed away the heater because it is really quite cold this evening. But at least we’re not snow-bound.

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yes, there’s gas in the car

Shopping bags: fin!

I am full of love for the spotty + stripey linings and the less plastic bags we will be forced to accept.

Recently we seem to buy way more than will fit our bags – especially after one went MIA (hope to spot it somewhere, hopefully on someone tres-hip).

Surely 6 bags will do it, or we really need to re-assess our purchasing.

Truly, I am full of the m4d sk1llz.

I regularly need to remind myself of this.


This morning we were up betimes and actioning items early (though we can barely avoid the early, what with ravenous kitties + So!Much!Sunrise!)

In our quest for bulk bottles of passata rustica for tonight’s best ever bolognaise, we visited amatos for the first time in forever. We used to shop there very regularly back in the day. Now that we live closer I have no idea why we stopped.

Anyway, I’m generally all about the bone dry riesling, but was suckered in by the awesome shape of this pino grigio:

bottle comparison to best ever riesling

And it is full of yum! But I’ve probably enjoyed a little too much of it.


We’re spending the late afternoon + evening pottering about and listening to Steely Dan: greatest hits. I think what put it in Don’s head was our recent most excellent lunch with the babies at Gil’s diner1 when we were in Melbourne – where they were playing the vinyl. I *heart* Steely Dan, so it made the lunch even better. And the record player was attached to a valve | tube amp! So exponential fabulousness! I’d never actually seen one InRealLife before. So awesome + Do Want. Though as Don pointed out the kitties would probably make very short work of such a device.

Tomorrow morning we collect Joan and Ajax from the airport after their trip to Cambodia. In an hilarious Seinfeldian parallel – they got one upgrade. Ajax, of course, let Joan have it. For the next little while we will be calling her Jerry.

1Recommended by Bessie who happened upon it with her Dad earlier in the year.

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You may recall my mention of using out GiantTV box as a bedhead for over a year and my eventual desire to replace it with something proper.

The box was just perfect – apart from the fact that it looked like a tv-box with a couple of planks of wood above it.

You would not believe how difficult it is to find a bedhead that has a ledge to rest lamps, coffee, kitties and ephemera on and that is not thousands of $$ (or even one that is thousands of $$$). I’d toyed with the idea of getting a cabinetmaker in to construct a custom solution, but that is way too much of an indulgence I think best saved for when we have gazillions of $$$ to throw about.

We decided against trying to make something ourselves because, well, our carpentry skills are less than optimal and we aren’t really down with the ye olde log cabin aesthetic.

Searches on the InformationSuperHighway yielded some appealing options – which unfortunately were located in Scandinavian countries – shipping being rather prohibitive.

excellent bedhead 1

excellent bedhead 2

We eventually settled on ikea. Yes, yes I too laugh at our resolution to never visit ikea again. Just about every recent purchase is from there.

Don loves it. The kitties have enormous fun in the hole at the back. I am less convinced and kind of miss the box.

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