a little less momentum

Yesterday was glorious and reading the park was wonderful. I’m finding actually having a break instead of sitting at my desk or racing around shops to be a bit of a revelation. How much nicer the rest of the afternoon is! How magically less stupid and annoying my colleagues are!

I really do need to get myself something to sit / lay on because it does not do to return covered in twigs and leaves.

Alas, I did not eat breakfast because I really wasn’t hungry (possibly a little too much snacking the previous evening).

I took photos (above) – hurrah!

But I did not blog – mostly because I was occupied wrapping up painting the trim in Bessie’s room and chatting to AdventureJoan.

Interesting, isn’t it (well maybe only to me), that four simple daily action items are really quite difficult to sustain over more than a week?

I don’t quite know what this means, but I intend to try to keep going for a while longer and monitor the results – though perhaps I’ll wait just a smidge longer to add a fifth item.


Today was rainy and miserable, so there was no sitting in the park, nor did i read my book (I shopped for a new vegetable peeler, small whisk and a butter dish instead). No breakfast because it was a fast day.

I did take one photo on the way to SML.

I’m such a fan of hearts on the ground (of which there are a surprisingly high number), much less a fan of the soda.

And hey, a blog post.

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adventures in knitted hat patterns: version 782346

My first attempt at converting the baby hat pattern to fit my larger-than-baby-sized head involved going up two full needle sizes.

Hilarity ensued.

I fully expected that this would be far too small and I’d need to add in at least one pattern repeat on the second attempt. Hah! I can fit my head and two fists inside the band.

My revised second attempt is knitting with the needle sizes per the pattern.

So far this looks quite a bit better – which is a relief as the wool is not taking kindly to all of this unravelling and re-knitting.

The pattern calls for a 1 inch band. I’ve gone for 1 3/4 – mainly because I have a bit of trouble gauging archaic measurements by eye and knitted a bit beyond where I should have. Plus, not being a child, I probably need a bit of a longer band.

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post pre-prep

This morning during the pre-prep phase I read an excellent article about the (rather unhinged) reaction when Celeste Ng tweeted that she’d rather teachers not set contacting her for quotations as assessment tasks. Which is an entirely reasonable attitude to have – what the hell, teachers? how about thousands of people contact you for quotes?

Anyway I thought (as I do): that book looks like it might be worth reading, I’ll add this to the ever-growing stack of un-read stuff on my kindle.

Before I snapped it up, I thought I’d do a bit of a price comparison across the various amazon sites. And verily:

amazon.com = US$12.32 (AU$16.80)

amazon.co.uk = £1.49 (AU$3.11)

amazon.ca = CDN$ 13.99 (AU$14.73)


Rather a disparity, shall we say?

Also, screw you Australian publishers, are we not permitted access to read anything? This “not available in your region” happens way too frequently with all sorts of digital media. I’d love the opportunity to line your pockets with my money, why won’t you let me?

So for the moment, kindle-y has gone to … ermm … live in Surrey.

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While waiting for Bessie to drag herself from her slumber, I’ve been for a short run, had brekkie, put a load of delicates in the machine, packed up the winter coats for a trip to the dry cleaner and pulled the trigger on the baby hat pattern.

My head circumference is a smidge over 21.25 inches. The largest size is child at 18.25 inches. That gives me 3 inches (7.5cm) to make up – which admittedly is quite a bit. Having super-short hair, I need a quite small, close-fitting hat because floppy, loose hats look utterly preposterous on me.

I forsee this taking quite a few attempts – but it will be quite a good intellectual exercise.

The pattern calls for 3.75mm (US size 5) and 4mm (US size 6) needles using 10ply (worsted weight). I’m pretty sure that Joan’s Icelandic wool is between 12ply and 14ply, so my first attempt will be going up two needle sizes (4.5mm and 5mm) knitting the pattern as specified.

If this doesn’t work (as well it might not!), my second attempt will be adding in extra repeats of the cable pattern.

If anything, this will let me settle and peacefully consume some media in the evenings for a while!

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that went well

Hey, hey, made it through the short week – with all my little projects met.

Sat in the park, ate lunch and lay back and read my book. The weather was brilliant and the whole experience was incredibly relaxing. I’ve been evangelising to colleagues about the wonders of this magical “lunch break” thing.

I ate cereal before work.

Took photos.

Am blogging. Admittedly, I could be doing better at the blogging content-wise.

Tonight I’m pottering about while Don and Joe/Frank watch Narcos. Bessie has cleared out her room in preparation for tomorrow’s painting. I’m treating my face to a mask, then I might possibly fold laundry and afterward soak my feet and read more of my book.

I may also make a couple of lists of action items. Right now we’re trying to come up with a list of slow-cooked meals we can cook over the next few weekends, before it gets too hot, to have in the freezer for summer. So far adrian richardson’s best ever bolognaise, adrian richardson’s lamb sugo, homesick texan’s red beans and rice. All of these recipes make vast quantities so are really excellent standbys and alternatives to $$ take-away on those occasions you’re uninspired, have no time, can’t bear to cook.

I’m still on the lookout for a cable hat pattern that will do Joan’s icelandic wool justice. I need something to occupy me while watching television or I become annoyingly fidgety and pacey. Holy!Goodness! there are some heinous patterns out there. Ravelry has become rather like etsy – you are forced to look at a lot of really very unattractive things in order to find the gems, the payoff is generally worth it, but it requires a not insignificant time commitment. I’m very tempted by this baby hat and given my recent way-too-big hat issues, I’m thinking knitting a baby hat might actually result in something that will fit me.

Must carry on with the projectette action items over the weekend. But as TheUniverse is my witness this painting will be completed before anything else!

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barely enough

I had errands at lunch today – one of which was the result of my forgettery in taking chicken from the freezer. As a consequence there was no reading time. Fortunately because I caught the train home and missed one by two seconds, I had time for reading – so I guess that is a win. It was too cold to sit in the park anyway.

No brekkie for it was a fast day

2 photos taken (see above)

And a token blog post. Token because my internet time this evening being consumed by looking at pretty dresses (boden having a 40% off sale). And argh! Pulled the trigger on a purchase and then realised the address was the old SML one. I immediately contacted customer support, so let us hope this can be resolved or we’ve organised to have mail redirected!

Hmmm … what is TheUniverse trying to tell me about shopping?


We have plans this weekend to finally paint Bessie’s room – a year after we completed the rest of ThePalace(OfLove). Sure there is a giant hole in the wall (more on that later), but we’ll paint around it. We’re kind of adamant that the last vestiges of the vomity/poopy yellow must be erased.

Then at some point we must tackle the six darker vomity/poopy yellow doors. I’m quite confident that I am not going to want to see a paint brush for several years after this summer!

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perhaps napping?

paper bark

My grand plans to read in the park went awry when it was SEVEN degrees colder than yesterday. So rather than freeze I sat at my meeting table and continued to plod through Golden Age of Murder for 30 minutes – truly I am a reading masochist sometimes.

And I had a bowl of cereal before I left for work this morning.

And I took one photograph.

And I am blogging.

What an Achiever!

Perhaps I can add an extra item next week in a baby-steps kind of approach? We’ll see if I can get through the remainder of this week first.


Several months ago I registered my interest in participating in the Australian Breakthrough Cancer Study. Today I got the go-ahead and spent a good while completing the quite lengthy questionnaire today/this evening. I await my saliva collecting kit with eagerness.

If you live in Australia and are between 40 and 74 and haven’t had cancer diagnosis, why not sign up to participate? You can read more about the aims of the study here. Yay! Science!

</public service announcement>

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