50before50: #49 buy new music on average of once per month (that makes 24)

One of my goals this year was to buy new music. Back in the day, we were always buying albums and seeing bands. I have no idea how you would describe my musical preferences – painfully snobbish, allergic to mainstream & tragically hip?

Now I’m an old lady, I’m regularly exposed to great new stuff via 2ser and fbi, but rarely do I pull the trigger on purchase. I like to show my support in a tangible way and I’m way too old to be going to shows!

I started making the occasional purchase in a desultory midway through last year, but I was keen to make this a regular thing.

I made a token effort for December (present for Don) and January (a single), but from February I’m starting to tackle this in earnest.

Here’s what we have so far:

rolling blackouts: talk tight (physical EP) – described as soft punk / tough pop (say what?), bit garage, lo fi, totally oz.

goon sax: boyfriend (digital single) – totally adorable wee hipsters, gorgeous song.

no zu: afterlife (digital album)
future running music, much in the style of !!!

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and now I must read all the articles

The problem with deciding you’re going to post everyday is that if you’ve had a long day topped off by wrapping the last episodes of making a murderer, there’s not a good deal of content to be had.

This is where it would be quite excellent to have a stockpile of (or even more than one) filler posts at the ready – which of course I don’t or I’d be busting it out.


Something big is possibly happening quite soon at SML, which is all kinds of vague-blogging, but consider this as cultivating an air of mystery and suspense in lieu of content.

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stuff in my … spam folder

For mysterious reasons gmail occasionally likes to send quite legitimate mail to my spam folder.

Apart from the real mail I find in there every couple of days (which of course I flag as “not spam”), it’s not often I get anything other than the usual: fake LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp messages; offers of thrilling contact with russian brides; cheap Viagra; bargain “designer” items, advice I’ve won the lottery &etc. Recently though, there were a couple of gems:

An offer to sell me a baby:

seems totally legit, what could possibly go wrong?

An offer to join the Illuminati! Who knew it was so simple to become one of the shadowy elite?

new world order here i come

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dee why beach, saturday morning

SML is really exhausting right now. One minute Bobs loves you, next minute he is telling you that you’re hopeless and should be replaced, [repeat]. All the direct reports are experiencing this, so we’re kind of rolling our eyes at it all and taking the “dude, if I’m so hopeless, just pay me out …” approach. 30 weeks pay and a quiet beach look mighty attractive right now.

It would be a quite refreshing change to have a not completely unhinged (hinged?), mercurial boss. Unfortunately I don’t think leadership comes in any other form at SML.

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mystery explained

Note to self: when re-using jars it is a very good idea to remove the labels first.

Else you may find your missing curry paste hiding in a salsa container.


Lovely and delicious treat from Don:

Just what I needed after yet another trying day at SML, and not at all valentines related because we definitely don’t do that sort of thing.

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how can it be time to go back?

Sunday morning bike rides seem to be becoming a regular thing for us, good to find an exercise apart from walking that we both enjoy.

This morning we tackled a slightly different route, through our old neighbourhood, over anzac bridge and home through the dog park.

I had to walk corey (the bike) up a couple of deceptively steep hills, but did manage to ride all the way over the bridge, which I’m rather pleased about because it is quite high up and quite an incline to get to the top.

We took a short break to have a drink of water and watched the dogs in the park practicing jumps over wee hurdles.

After we arrived home I was completely knackered.

Then I did some workly work – pah! – so as to get ahead of myself for the week ahead and pottered about a bit, doing laundry and whatnot.


Last night Don and I took ourselves out for a dinner date in the ‘hood. We’d all been keen to go to one of the variations of Emmas for a while now, bit had never actually made it there.

Food was pretty good, service was great, though the food came out way too quickly (better than the reverse!). There was way, way too much to eat for two people and they do takeout, so we took away the remainder – mostly for Joe/Frank who had an epic 12 hour day of working at the rugby 7’s.

Then we decided to go for a celebratory drink at my favourite local pub. I was dithering about whether to have a glass of wine from the barrel or their fantastic house-made lemonade. When we got there the barrel was not available, so I asked for the lemonade. Despite having had it before, the barman refused to sell it to me unless I had it in an alcoholic cocktail. What the hell? I would have happily paid the cocktail price too. Nope – no go.

I was very disappointed, of course I did not make a scene, but we left without any drink. It is such a struggle to find nice, non-alcoholic options in a pub and I really thought I had found it. Non-drinkers are not really catered to at all in most places and soft drinks (soda) or water are pretty much it.

Possibly this is now my ex-favourite pub.


We’re late to the party (as ever) and have just started watching Making a Murderer (well, we’re up to episode 5).

It’s very, very good, but does tend to make one quite consumed with rage.

You should get on it if you have not done so already. It is a little slow to start, but well worth the time investment.

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lucky charms


I was up at 5am (thanks, kitties) and we were out of ThePalace(OfLove) just after 6am for the trek to the other side of the harbour for the sun run. Before we headed out I comsumed the breakfast of champions: coffee, protein ball and anti-inflammatories.

view from the bedroom window

It was raining quite heavily for most of the way there, but fortunately cleared in time for the 7km (I think the earlier 10km peeps may have been a little damp).

dee why beach. sydney might be vapid and unaffordable, but holy!goodness! it is pretty

start line. there were 2,400+ entrants in the 7km

The course was pretty hilly and I was a little daunted. After the first km I settled into my (much faster than planned) stride and trucked along nicely until the 3.5km point – this was where my right knee started twinging (yep, that knee from two years ago). Hmmmmm … I slowed down a bit more and tried not to think about it.

At about 4.50km(ish)1 I was feeling a little grim, we’d just completed a series of hilly hills and I was all “what the hell am I doing?” and “waaah, stupid knee, it’s not fair” when I saw a dollar coin on the ground and figured it was TheUniverse telling me to suck it up (princess). So I grabbed it and used it as motivation to be positive and keep at it.

At 5.20km(ish)1 endorphins kicked in and I was feeling like queen of the world (queen of the world with a stabby knee).

I saw Don about 100m before the finish line, ran over and gave him a kiss (yes, I’m rolling my eyes at myself too) and trundled off to the finish line.

Apart from the knee (which, oh god) I ran all the way2 (even the hills!), finished in less than 50min and in the top 36% of all females. I was worried about my cardio fitness after not running for almost a month, but it was pretty peachy, which I think is thanks to the newly discovered cycling.

I do love a fun run! It’s so great being out there running about with other people. I’m very glad I participated, though my right leg from the knee down is probably much less glad. I’m now icing and elevating.

manly beach. post-race

And now I face the long hard rehabbing road. I probably have to consider the possibility that I just can’t run anything over 5km, which would be a bit grim – but better than not being able to run at all!

My medal is coming with me to SML to remind me that there is definitely more to life than work and that I can do cool things through extremely hard work and persistence.


1 I made a mental note of the precise times, but of course have totally forgotten them.

2 I walked to grab water at the water stations, I’m nowhere near co-ordinated enough to grab while running.

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