new world order

Remember that Reckoning I’d hoped for?

Today, much to my surprise, there actually was a Reckoning!

A redundancy for Hecate!

A very unexpected promotion for me!

And, most hilariously, AnxiousMum is now my direct report!


A day full of all the wins!

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septunx of zantac

This morning at 8:30am I toddled off to the gym to run intervals.

It was a really beautiful, sparkling morning, and, after two weeks of pretty serious rain, I was delighting in the gorgeousness of it all. And then halfway there, I realised I’d forgotten my pass, so had to trot on home to grab it. It speaks to the excellence of the day that this did not bother me in the least.

So I ran intervals for 3km and concentrated on the placement of my right foot. While enduring this boringness, I realised that my dreadful, rolling strike was probably from the horrid foot issue of a year ago and my body’s attempt to avoid a repeat.

I think it will take a lot of focus to regain a proper form (if I had it to begin with). But the effort will be worth it, because I will totes kick ass with distance when I am all fixed.


When I got home I actioned many administrivia-ish items while occasionally dipping into highly interesting items on the InformationSuperHighway.

action list

I was pleased to have covered off most things other than the ironing and the stencilling / cutting out of shopping bags.

As per the list I baked a strawberry cake, using the most excellent, wonderfully fragrant 3 for $5 punnets of strawberries we acquired at the local fruit & veg yesterday.

I also cooked a spectacularly wonderful leg of lamb.

Sure, we didn’t eat until 9:05pm, but it was well worth the horrific heartburn I’m sure we will experience in a couple of hours.

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In very excellent news, RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio gave me permission to ride an exercise bike! I’m also down from two weekly visits to one. I am very much enjoying the work on the reformer, must find a pilates class.

The go-ahead for some cardio was especially exciting as last week saw Bessie-in-residence and she was constantly plying us with baked goods.

coconut cake from women’s weekly: best ever collection

flatbread from women’s weekly: best ever collection

I rocked up to the gym on Thursday evening with my current book (on kindley) and cycled away merrily for half an hour. It was exhausting and delightful.

On the way out I ran into the FatController (who has been very sweet with texting regularly to check my progress**) who asked when I thought I’d get the all clear to return to training. I hadn’t the heart to tell him that RCP thinks he is too extreme for me – perhaps when I get the go ahead for proper exercise we can work out something a little less intense for my remaining four sessions. Sadly, there is little chance of much more tyre flipping in my future.

**unkind people might think that he is concerned with securing the not insignificant revenue stream.


In exciting and surprising news, after learning that you can paint when it is rains-ish, we dragged out the paint-brushes and rollers and attacked the top floor landing.

We also acquired possibly the best tool for painting (apart from the brushes and rollers and tape) ever:

Halogen work lights! An absolute bargain at $28.

I’ve done a good deal of the cutting in, but Don is much superior at cutting in and an absolute master with the roller. I am better with the finicky tight spaces and trim, possibly the result of all that knitting and sewing and embroidery, so the division of labour works nicely. It works particularly well when I can overcome my guilt at my lack of mad rolling skillz and sitting idly about when the rolling is happening.

Also, at rolling times I cook and wash the brushes. See: guilt.

The white looks amazing! The whole area is so much brighter and infinitely less depressing. I really question the taste level of whoever decided on the ghastly vomity, poopy, mustardy colour. I am quite certain that it has never been fashionable in any sort of world I have inhabited.

After seeing the amazingness of the white, we are inspired to work our way down through the levels over the next few weeks.

However, I suspect the excess of trim will keep me occupied for the next 3 years.


There are changes and secrets afoot at SML and apparently all will be revealed in the coming week. Based on past experience I will believe this when I see it.

MrT told me on Friday that he is sworn to secrecy, but that I will be pleased. I responded with my usual cynicism – unless there is a Reckoning, I am unlikely to be pleased.

In other SML news, Dr12 told me last week that I will be named as project manager for what I consider to be a really very exciting project – which not only appeals to my inner nerd, but speaks to my long-term experience and knowledge, and will look killer on the CV. I’m really very pleased about this development. Dr12 is utterly bonkers, but I have heard from a variety of sources that he values my opinion and m4d skillz.

I think I could get to like this New World Order.

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I’ve been making twice-weekly visits to RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio as I attempt to regain some sort of fitness after my extremely unpleasant training incident.

I knew my abs and glutes were ghastly, but had no idea just how bad. In particular, it seems that the two ute surgeries have had a not positive effect on my muscles (I’ve only just become aware that I cannot feel my stomach muscles at all – except in times of extreme agony) and I’ve been compensating in all manner of Bad Ways.

But in very exciting news, RCP gave me permission to run this weekend. Disappointingly all I was allowed was very slow intervals of 200m run | 200m walk, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

So today I ran/walked 2km … outside! It was excellent to get out, but rather boring. It really brought home how Very Bad my foot strike is – I kind of hit the outside of my foot and roll inward. RCP has identified the Bad Foot Strike as the one of the ab | glute issues causing my running foot | knee issues. But he feels that I can easily get back to running the distances I am aiming for with focus and hard work.

Unfortunately he feels that the extremeness of my FatController workouts can only cause further injury and Bad Things, no matter how I approach it.

Not quite the news I was hoping for.

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no rollerskates

Much, much rain.

Many haus leaks.


Don and I braved the relentless rain this morning to venture out for brekkie in the ‘ham.

We’ve lived here over two years now, but rarely check out local things on the weekend mornings – primarily because I’ve been about the runnering/training & Don has been about the early golf. Injury and a BGF in the UK means that we have some time on our hands.

The brekkie had much promise (smoked salmon for me | brisket for Don), but was somewhat underwhelming. It was all rather fussy and unresolved. And the coffee, while pleasingly strong, was also rather unresolved.

Nonetheless, there are a good deal of other enticing walkable options in the ‘ham – we’ve resolved to explore more.


Several years ago, we were all loathing and sneering about silicon utensils/equipment, having only experienced inferior cake moulds/tins. However we accidentally tried silicon spatula and it was a complete revelation to us – so very amazing for scraping bowls.

Truly, if you are still trying to scrape out the remainders of a mixing bowl with a spoon, you should give silicon a bash.

But what is even better is a teensy spatula for scraping out cup and spoon measures:

Really, do yourselves a favour!


I’m perplexed about Kitty’s tension – every yarn I’m swatching is the perfect height, but a whole stitch too wide.

Maybe I need to step down a needle size? Will research.


I’ve been dabbling about and made the cheapo-phone all sleek & sexy & b+w. Infinitely more pleasing to look at, even if it is now a little laggy.

My cunning resolution to my no keyboard on the default messaging app on the $99 phone only lasted a short while. I installed hello sms & it is utterly genius, and so very pretty (also, it works!).

If you have an android phone, get on it!

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Way back when we visited Italy, I grabbed a very cheap, black synthetic jumper at one of those ubiquitous street-side-market-stall-vendors. It was a simple, baggy, vee-necked design with a large cable in front. Totally synthetic and branded “made in china”, it has seen countless wearings by me and now Bessie (truly that girly is the recipient of several wardrobes worth of clothing cast-offs from Joan and I).

Recently I noticed that the pauvre €5 jumper was looking much the worse for wear, so I was forced to take a crochet hook and glass of wine to it and pick up the many (many) unravelled stitches. I felt rather like the super-excellent tomofholland in my mending endeavours.

I felt the repairs could only eke out the life for so long, so thought it might be a Fine Idea to craft a replacement and began the search (and search) for patterns. The best one I found was in this book and I duly acquired it on Abebooks.

When it arrived I was comforted to discover that desired jumper looked as expected, lo:

But otherwise the book was full of really rather confronting (unkind people might refer to them as perfectly hideous) garments made from various combinations of rather confronting synthetic yarn. And indeed, though it does not look it, desired jumper was made from a combination of yarn, twisted together.

Nonetheless, I acquired some Giant cheapo bamboo needles and a variety of inexpensive, synthetic yarns for testing and have added swatching to the Action Items List for the weekend.

Ceiling BabyKitty approves.

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who knew that spring onions/scallions flowered?

I think, apart from the chilis and rosemary, that these are the best things I have grown. Possibly better as I cannot believe kitchen cast-offs can be so amazingly productive. At the current rate, we will never have to buy spring onions/scallions again.


We’ve been on a bit of a Palace(OfLove) cleaning frenzy this weekend, including taking the steam-mop to the rug downstairs (favourite pooping spot of NewKitty) and our bedroom carpet (fave wee-ing spot of BabyKitty).

NewKitty has the most ghastly innards you could conceive of, so we’re staging an intervention with lovingly prepared chicken broth and specially formulated, hideously expensive, food for kitties with ghastly innards.

Truly these adorable beasts will send us to the PauvrePalace.

I always remember this when I am tempted by a third … or a puppy.


Don and I went for an unheard of date on Friday evening. Heather and I were catching up for celebratory drinks and Don and I kicked on for dinner.

We wandered about Newtown for an age and ended up and Spencer Guthrie. Perfect! Really interesting combinations and flavours (blood pudding, chocolate + pear – heavenly!). Highly recommended.

We agreed that we need to get out more.


Heather and I were out celebrating his super-secret new job. Super-secret because it has not been announced, pending other announcements post-ops-review, which are also secret. Bits-crossed for reckoning.

After Ajax moved sideways from the job of death, I’d suggested that Heather should approach Hecate about combining the roles (with a sizeable increase in salary, natch). When Hecate tried to fob the job of death off to me, I asked whether she had considered Heather and she said he wasn’t quite ready. It was only when H’Aggie independently came to the same conclusion and lobbied Dr12 that the wheels were set in motion.

You can see why I loved H’Aggie – it’s like she was in my brain. Except for those ugly 3D charts – they would never be in my brain <shudder>.


At celebratory drinks, as you do, Heather and I were talking of SML things and noted we’ve both recently come to the realisation that we are really rather over-paid for what we do (indeed, he will be even more overpaid soon).

Heather has been there 11 months less than me and we’re both looking down the barrel of having rather a lot more paid time off available to us. It’s one of those should we stay and just milk it as long as we are able? decisions.

Don is all on board with the stay-and-milk-it strategy. If only I could stop obsessing about various unpleasant and frustrating aspects, and focus on the lovely, lovely potential holidays, the opportunities, the cash and the flexibility, I would be sweet.

Indeed, it would be better for my overall mental health if I could obsess a little less and chillax a little more … about everything

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