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As oft mentioned, SML is a hotbed of incompetence and dysfunction – most particularly in the division Hecate presides over, lets call it DivisionIncompetent. She, along with The(now thankfully departed)Professor were responsible for not meeting a major SML target and massive fuck-ups in the millions (of dollars) in the past two years.

Things don’t appear to be getting any better, which is unsurprising as Hecate completely sucks as an operational manager. And we look like not meeting our target again.

As an aside, I completely loathe Hecate, who I once had an amazingly excellent relationship with. She has spent the last 12 months completely undermining me (“who does carolbaby think she is doing this job when she doesn’t have a phd?” | “who does carolbaby think she is questioning our methodology?” [methodology later proved to be massively flawed by aforementioned $m]) and making it almost impossible to do a major part of my job. I don’t think she has responded to a single email I have sent (as part of agreed processes) for at least 6 months. She’s very big on silos, which, work-wise is my most hated thing ever because I am all about the peace, love and collaboration.

nothing at all to do with anything in this post

Today I was trucking along, minding my own business, buzzing from easter chocolate, when I was informed that I would be seconded to DivsionIncompetent for at least a month to sort them out so we meet target. Wut? Thankfully Vincenzo is coming too, because I could not do this without him.

I am not happy.

Once, I would have relished the opportunity to show how I could Achieve and Be Better Than Others, now I am more disgruntled that I’m missing out on an excellent development opportunity (working on the 2014/15 budget).

There is one upside of this is, VernPercy will be reporting to RightHandHarridan while I am Away – hopefully we can make this a permanent arrangement! She hired him, she can Deal with him.

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not broken, broken

No stress fracture! No tendonitis! Hurrah!

Currently thinking is that I have an overuse injury – with some accompanying swelling. I need to rest for another week, do loads of stretches, apply creme, take anti-inflammatories, apply ice, have another (extremely painful) physio session and I should be good to go. Also, I need to ease back the running on concrete – urk! unfortunately concrete is all there is.

This leaves me about 3 weeks to prepare for the half-marathon. Scary stuff!

I think I need to locate a nice squishy treadmill and get in rather a lot of kms before 18 May, but by golly, I’m going to give the half-marathon my best crack!

In other positive news, the xrays and ultrasounds show that my knees are in excellent shape, with no degradation or osteo thingies – which bodes extremely well for my old ladydom.

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my absolute fave work at MONA, I want it for ThePalace(OfLove)

After attempting that 3km yesterday and feeling knee pain after 1.5km, so I finally took myself to the physiotherapist about the ITB injury today. I also thought a second opinion was in order (after the original throw-away diagnosis by AwesomePodiatrist back in September when treating my foot pain) because after much research on the InternetSuperHighway the pain seemed a rather too low on the outside of the knee to be my ITB.

After much, much prodding, poking and stretching, physiotherapist thinks I may have a stress fracture at the top of the fibula. So it was off to the GP (not SuperHappyFunGP, but a GP I last saw in 2007 who is in the same practice as the physio) for a referral for an x-ray. GP thought it could also be tendonitis, so included an ultrasound in the referral and gave me some anti-inflammatories. Then I was poked and prodded some more. Am now am rather ouchy.

All will be revealed on Wednesday. If it is a stress fracture, there will be no half-marathon for me, however if tendonitis (though ultrasound tech thought not) I should be good to go as long as I am chock-full of drugs, though the lack of preparation is rather a concern.

In the interim, no weight bearing exercise.


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i bet you can’t guess where this shiny door is from

Lovely NewKitty’s operation went marvellously. Hurrah! She recovered super-quickly and is her usual awesome snuggles-ish self. Honestly, you’d never have known she had surgery – would that I bounced-back so quickly!


Because I am a fussy crazy cat lady, I worked from home on Tuesday just to make sure that all was peachy, which of course it was. But it was nice to be able to work quietly and focus. I should do it more, but generally get distracted by everything around me: oh! I should wipe down the stairs and railings, oh! that laundry needs folding, oh! why don’t I clean out the fridge?, oh! those spices really need alphabetising, oh! &etc. This did not happen on Tuedsay, so perhaps I’ve turned the corner.


There’s a reason why exercise is touted as excellent for mental health – because it is! While on enforced rest for the past week, I have been the most surly, grumpish, unhappy old woman.

I’m going to attempt a scant 3km tomorrow morning and then assess. In any event I am in dire need of some sort of cardio to replace running. Perhaps I need to rethink the exercise bike … and hang the expense.


I have yet to prepare the weekend list (see aforesaid enervating lack of exercise), best get on that.

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oh my pauvre lady

One of the Action Items for the weekend was to take NewKitty to the vet for her annual vaccination.

She was not entirely happy about entering the kitty carrier (I daresay, given her history, she was worried we were abandoning her), but eventually, after many pats and snuggles, she bore it with good grace.

In fabulous news, she’s mucho healthy, but we were horrified to learn that she has an abscess on her tooth – all very inflamed and nasty. We both felt like such dreadful kitty parents, but really, how often do you get up in a kitty’s grill?

She’s off for surgery tomorrow morning to have the teeths fixed, this is approximately 5 times more expensive than it would be for a human.

I’ll just say that I am glad that we are: 1. cashed-up; 2. have a budget for kitty emergencies.

There will be a good deal of fussing in her future.

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hey, Hobart, took some very pleasing pix in your land

This afternoon I comforted myself with way, way too much wine after the recurrence of the ITB injury.

What I really need to do is take the Don approach of getting into something productive during the recovery period. If life hands you lemons (in the form of broken ribs) make lemonade beer.

I have no idea what I should be getting into, but in the interim, here are the Action Items for the weekend:
Run x 2 – ABANDONED (maybe yoga or abs work instead)
Knittering – 2 repeats on cable scarf
Sort new no-evil (non-gmail**) family email addresses
Ironing (I know, totes rock and roll)
Make new style of bears
Clean/ bleach bathroom
NewKitty vet visit
Make double batch of chili con carne
Watch footy (x whatever is available)
Blog (x wherever the wind takes me)
Joe/Frank upgrade from windows XP
Charge wee camera
Drunkenly connect to random peeps on linkedin (added post-loads-of-wine-consumption)

When I’ve recovered from the soothing with alcohol, I really need to reflect on how I need to approach this injury and other things too. Meanwhile, glug glug.

**have had gmail address for almost 10 years (where has my life gone???), all the time watching google progressively become more and more evil – definitely time to extricate myself.

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rather more like the scullery maid

moar hobart: truly there never was a more perfect photo to illustrate a post

This morning I’d scheduled in a 12km run, supremely confident that last week’s dreadful effort was an aberration. I mean, 12km is a totally achievable distance for me, so should have been one of those “I’m queen of the world” runs.

Alas, this was not to be.

At just over the 4km mark my right knee ITB issues started yet again, so I did the surprisingly sensible thing – rather than pushing through the agonising stabbing pain, I stopped and stretched. At 6km – ghastly pain again, so I stretched then walked for 600ish metres (no pain at all when walking) before attempting to run again. By 8.5km I knew I just had to stop, so walked the remaining 3.5km home. I am trying to congratulate myself for being sensible and abandoning the run but it is very difficult to do that right now.

Discouraging, demoralising, devastating … all the d-words. All the f-words too.

I’m now rather worried about my ability to complete the half-marathon. I’d be less concerned if there was not a time limit and so could walk some of the way if I needed. I can apply to have half my entry fee refunded if I provide a medical certificate before 25 April, so will have to assess over the next week.

I should also probably schedule an appointment with our awesome podiatrist, though I am absolutely confident he will advise rest – bah!

Stupid old lady body.

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