hot dog gunner

So the, yet to be named, replacement for the The(NowThankfullyDeparted)Professor commenced at SML two weeks ago.

Really very corporate, honestly not a great fit, somewhat (okay, extremely) pompous. But, hey, while he is doing the job I really wanted, he is also doing the job I would not touch for, well, many things. And maybe he can shake up the peeps who need a strong management hand.

Being there a whole two weeks, of course he knows everything and we are all idiots &etc. I’ve already been lectured a couple of times on how SML processes work (which of course is not how they work at all), but nonetheless I was willing to not condemn him utterly.

That was until we were both in a meeting with Hecate yesterday …

He (let’s call him Knut) was sitting across from me, I was madly scribbling notes (and I mean scribbling – a total mess) to write up later and, in the middle of a discaussion, leaned across the desk, pointed to an (incomprehensible) word and said “you’ve spelled that wrong“.

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last weekend in july

ARGH! Long post eaten by InformationSuperHighway! Let’s try that again!

The FatController could not make our session on Saturday, so through lack of complete exhaustion on my part, we managed to Action quite a lot of Items on the Weekend List. There was much crafting and cooking and … other things which escape me.

And I managed to run outside! Only 3km and very challenging it was too. I did not take the garmin (so did the run even happen?) so I have no idea how I went – but I’ve learned that I really need to add some faux hills into my treadmill runs. Slow and steady and all that.


Bessie took a break from her enfattening us project and made some bread sticks (from marie claire: spicy)

Really excellent, but like the crackers, really did not back up at all well. We need to obtain a super-airtight container for future experiments.


I busted out my new tartan tights and denim shirt-dress (with awesome pockets):


Bessie and I visited a rather lame local school fete, where she purchased some rather ordinary treats and a very-good-looking cakes cookbook.

More enfattening is sure to ensue.


Don’s first experience with the eminently disgusting vegemite:

His conversion to totes aus is complete!


And lots of sleeping!

Indeed, we slept in (after feeding the ravenous, bitey beasties at 6:25am) for the first time in aeons! To, like, 9:15 am!


I anticipate that the upcoming week will be completely ghastly, not the least because Vincenzo has been called for jury duty selection tomorrow – let us just hope he’s not chosen for that 20 week trial or my life will be very, very much pain for the next few months.

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don’t sweat the technique

Back in May, we were utterly bedazzled by this method of cooking steak (and the wonderfully wonderful photos) on Amy’s most excellent blog.

Tonight it was way too cold to step outside to the bbq, so we we finally gave it a bash.

Wow. Amazing results – the perfect steak.

And while you think there would be a good deal of smoke, there was barely a wisp – certainly much less than using oil in the cast iron pan. Though our much-better-than-we’ve-ever-had exhaust fan helped, I’m sure.

We’ll be sticking to this.

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foodly happenings

As you will no doubt be aware, we abandoned wcoic 2014 after the group stage because life kind of got in the way and we rarely had a quorum of bodies in ThePalace(OfLove) to make seeking out recipes worthwhile.

But we’ve still been making an effort to try new things. When we were meal-planning, Joe/Frank suggested duck and pineapple red curry from the really excellent abc delicious: more please

I was somewhat doubtful because of the pineapple, but it was amazingly good, extremely simple and so very quick!

We halved the recipe and it was perfect for the 3 of us. Essentially half a bbq duck, some red curry paste, coconut cream, lemon-grass, spring onions, lime leaves, brown sugar and fish sauce in a wok.

Perfect Friday night food – this will be entering the repertoire.


Bessie was keen to expand her cooking repertoire from all-cakes/bikkies/slices-all-the-time and branched out into crackers. Don is in heaven!

crackers with zataar, thyme and fennel seeds

Really delicious! I (along with my waistline) will be delighted to follow the savoury adventure.


And last evening, Don cooked us an amazing corned beef which he’d been brining/pickling all week. I believe mostly from Ruhlman’s Charcuterie

I cannot even convey how wonderful it was. Surely the best corned beef we’ve ever had.


And while cooking, as ever, we’re surrounded by adorable, always-hungry kitties:

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7kg medicine balls

Buildings of Bourke Street Mall

Yesterday I ducked out of SML a little early to catch-up for drinks with Dishy(ex)Boss who was down from bucolic spendor for the afternoon. We’d been in periodic email contact, but I’d not actually seen him since, I think, April 2013. He kept remarking how wonderful I looked – probably because the last time he saw me I had only just started to lose some kg and still rather resembled a pudding. We barely drew breath in the time we were together. It was so, so brilliant to see him. We were both a bit “squeeeee – this is so great!” and we’re making a boozy lunch date for some time in September. I really very much miss having him around.

Unfortunately one of the side-effects of the catching up was that I had the teensiest hangover this morning and my session with the FatController was hard (well, it is always hard). I’m 6 sessions in now and he commented on how much I had improved in that time (though obviously there was no jumping involved – I still suck massively at that). Because he is always sneakily ramping up the weights and difficulty I barely notice any improvement because it always hard, so it was excellent to hear. Five more sessions remain of my block, but I’m definitely going to take another block of 10.

As a consequence of the impossible training session (which involved hauling the GiantTyre via the GiantRope up a great height & using the sledgehammer), I am completely exhausted and have pretty much resembled a sloth for most of the day. Apart from essentials, very little has been actioned. Well, apart from the couple of hours spent ridding my computer of the rather nasty and intractable malware infection which Don inadvertently gave it last evening while watching the british open. Clearly TheUniverse was trying to tell me to back up my files to the external HD, though the 19 hours it claims are remaining is not a little daunting!

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50before50 (2)

Buildings of Bourke Street Mall: Diamond House

I’ve been horrid about getting to the gym during the week (forever), so told myself if I made it there this evening for a short, sharp burst of cardio, I could reward myself with a glass (or two) of wine.

Worked brilliantly.


And I’ve been giving a little more thought, in an idle kind of way, to the 50 things to do before I turn 50 (1,230 days) project.

Already on the list:

  1. visit Vietnam and Cambodia
  2. run in a half-marathon
  3. participate two runs (of any distance) that are not in Sydney
  4. stay (well) under 70kg (154lbs) for the next 1,254 days
  5. gtfo of SML (or resign myself to seeing out my days there and shut the hell up about the horror)
  6. 100 proper push-ups in a row (currently I can do about 5, okay probably 3)
  7. sign up for a pilates class(es)
  8. make a patchwork quilt
  9. make a garment for myself and wear it (pyjama pants don’t count)

    And adding to the list

  10. visit Japan
  11. build a wee model boat (still so bitter that my parents would not allow me to buy a kit)
  12. go skiing
  13. complete the painting of ThePalace(OfLove)
  14. see a decent production of Macbeth
  15. construct something with electricity – building a computer doesn’t count
  16. learn to complete a cryptic crossword

34 items to go!

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cost cutting

Today it was so utterly freezing at SML, actually colder indoors than it was outside, that I was forced to Hot Dollar to buy a $10 blanket to cover my shivering, blue-fingered self.

Then I sat about like a Nanna.

Unfortunately there were no meetings to take blankie along to, but there is always tomorrow when I have a three hour process review workshop.


Tonight we dragged the babies out to the very excellent Oxford Tavern to celebrate Joe/Frank’s first day at TAFE and Bessie’s impending first semester university results.

You may recall that the venue was until relatively recently a notorious strip club, so I was delighted to encounter a geniously appropriate swizzle stick in my mojito:

We should do this much more frequently.

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