Seven years ago today, after my very harrowing experience at batshitcrazyorg1 (which shattered all of my very strongly held political ideals), I commenced employment at what was then known as nujob and morphed into The Land of Freaks, Acronyms and Meetings, then Marie Celeste and now SaltMinesLimited.

As TheProfessor commented today, “this has been longer than most of your marriages hasn’t it?”.

And what a wild ride it has been. There are a whole lot of anecdotes I could link to (for example, who could forget Selty or 400 year old man or [possibly] the first mention of my husband?), but you can trawl through the archives if you’re keen to relive the entire ghastly thing.

But, you know what? Despite the insanity, despite the dysfunction, SML has really rewarded me with a great deal and provided me with a whole lot of opportunities I might otherwise not have had. Sure, oftentimes it sucks the very lifeblood from me, but I have made some excellent friends, gained a very lovely husband and hopefully my experience has given me the skills and confidence to get the hell out as soon as I am able.

1If you follow me on teh twitter, you will know I revealed the identity of BSCO2 on Saturday morning while watching the ALP National Conference.

2Should you not follow me and are desperate to know (and gosh! why wouldn’t you be?) you can always email me.

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