what is this dragon of which you speak?

Holy!Goodness! what a weekend!

The Holy!Goodness! started with the SaltMinesLimited Christmas Party on Friday afternoon where I became infuriated about yet again not getting any props in the CEO’s speech, despite the (if I do say so myself) very significant contribution I have made to radically changing the way SML operates. To make matters infinitely worse AnxiousMum got a mention.

I am sure you will be surprised to learn that I may have become a little ranty. Fortunately I was not the only person who found this the most preposterous thing in the whole of Christendom and were equally as livid.

Anyhoo, there were many post-lunch drinks at [redacted] East Sydney pub and I am super-thrilled to report that I did not get anywhere near as messy as last year and managed to comport myself with some dignity.

Because Vincenzo now works at SML, Joan often turns up at our gatherings and it was supremely gratifying that no-one (this being a much more cross-functional group than she had previously encountered) could believe that I could have offspring of such an age. Thanks drunken (and quite possibly blind) colleagues!

Afterward, despite the surprisingly large amount of available cabs, I walked home and I can never adequately express my thanks to the extremely lovely and gracious person on the end of the Quite Drunken and Lengthy Phone Call which comprised the entirety of my walk.

At lunch HIMTIAL11 asked me if I was coming to her BigGayChristmas the next evening, which I knew Heather & NotHeather were attending, and I’m all like, “dude, you didn’t invite me!”. Upon which she extended an invite.

As part of my trying to be better about keeping in touch (and embracing my star sign) I accepted.

The next day, in bed mucho hungover, I was having second thoughts (likewise Don, who had also had his Xmas party the previous night). I texted Heather, who responded with “Man up, Princess” and that was how, last evening, Don and I ended up in an Inner West pub with Heather and NotHeather and a whole bunch of MiddleAgedLesbians, singing along to random 80s songs on the jukebox and winning two meat trays in the raffle! And we had an blast.

And we all loved the pub, the likes of which we do not have in HippyTown2037. They were so lovely, cordoned off an area, let HIMTIAL1 & HIMTIAL2 bring nibbles, provided comp bottles of wine … so fab! And there was mucho local colour, when ours has been driven out by teh hipsters. Made us briefly wonder whether we need to look further afield for housing, but only briefly (too far to walk to work).

Today was spent lazing and napping and honestly, one could not ask for better. Is a wonderful time of the year.

1Which of course stands for: Have I Mentioned That I’m A Lesbian 1, her adorable partner being, HIMTIAL2. By!Golly! I love them to death, but what is it that has Lesbians reminding you they are Lesbians every 5 seconds? Just in case you might have forgotten?

<edited to add> bloody hell, I’m pretty appalling keeping consistency (or sense) in abbreviation – repaired!

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