if it’s the last thing i ever do

At the SaltMinesLimited Christmas Party, God is wont to give a speech and this speech tends to involve the name-checking of (and in better climes, gift giving to) various SML slaves. Despite being a VeryHighAchiever (no, really) I have never been name-checked. And of course, despite completely revolutionising two particular things this year, I missed out yet again.

To make things infinitely worse, AnxiousMum garnered a mention. Fortunately I was not the only one completely infuriated by this – she is crazy, wildly unpopular, not at all a team player and spends her days shrieking at her ex-partner, sorting her personal administrivia and reading smh.

By!Golly! I am such a praise whore. Honestly, everyone who matters adores me and thinks I do a great job. Do I really need that external valuation? Why yes, of course I do!

This on the back of the very recent extreme machinations to get me back to TeamCareerDeath (which, very fortunately, after very extreme lobbying MrT, have come to naught) has left me a bit fragile.

DisneyPrincess informed us at post-ChristmasParty-drinks that she had been headhunted for a fabulous new job via LinkedIn and had resigned and promised (unsolicitedly) to keep an eye out for me at her new locale. I was so envious that this has made me more determined than ever to polish the CV over the Xmas break and work my way to getting the hell out of SML and get back in touch with peeps who might help me out.

Anyone need a spectacularly good data analyst?

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