A whole week in the Nation’s Capital proved most interesting.

TheProfessor, DisneyPrincess, Ghost and I stayed at Capital Executive Apartments, which at $99 per night, for location and amenity, was quite the bargain! A+++ would stay again.

The brain, it was severely taxed! But I think overall the experience was useful and even successful – if only to pass on my knowledge to Don – because I am really unlikely to be called upon to do linear discriminate analysis, quadratic discriminate analysis or tree-based regression any time in any sort of future.

TheProfessor is insisting I attend the next usergroup meeting for the obscure open-source software we were learning and I found, while “researching” on the InformationSuperHighway during our last day that Dr Bob will be also be in attendance. When I arrived home, found DrB had sent an email to Don suggesting he attend same. World’s colliding – argh!

It was most strange to be away from home with limited internet connection for a whole week, it gave a good deal of time for pondering and thinkering. I took along the sleeves of the Accursed Jumper and my gym gear, but despite my very good intentions, those things did not leave the suitcase. I did, however, make full use of a bathtub which, unlike my own, did not have an enormous patch of peeling enamel1. There was lots of lazing about surrounded by bubbles drinking glasses of wine while reading very silly needlecraft murders on my kindle.

It’s really quite interesting being away for an extended period with colleagues, but those observations definitely deserve a post of their very own.

The real highlight of the week was finally meeting up In Real Life with the divine curiously minty after being Imaginary Internet Friends for many, many years. She whisked me away to a most gorgeous part of town and who was even more fabulous than her blog would suggest. If you are all as nice, we should meet for a drink or seven

1Yes, despite the re-spraying is peeling worse than ever.


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