“what’s yow, yow?” chet wanted to know. “it means, yes, yes, spelled ja,” gummi told him.

Spurgan Morlock1 (our token American in Dept Cool-until-you-are-in-it2) decided that our Department should all head out for an impromptu lunch yesterday (sans 400 year old man, of course – we took my lesbian lover with us instead).

So we toddled off to have fish and chips at The Lord Roberts Hotel. We lounged about on the back terrace, the fish and chips were excellent and a lovely time was had by all – even more lovely because John Bull (our token Englishman) discovered that fish and chips are $5 on Mondays. Excellent! We’re thinking of making it a regular recovery venue after our super-horrible weekly meetings.


After much careful crafting, late Monday afternoon I sent a calm, measured, professional response to 400 year old man’s email where I completely ignored his jerkiness. Of course I am a complete coward, so I sent it after he had left for the day. Many thanks must go to The Professor, my lesbian lover and Brigit Jones (Manager of Dept Freak) for their m4d proofreading/editing sk1llz.

I think my Manager will regret coming in tomorrow – for I plan to speak quite plainly about 400 year old man’s bullying/abusive ways.


Note to self: never gloat about rank in footy tipping. I got a big 2 right last week.


I’ve installed a new tracking tool, as recommended by the lovely Flashman – in the hope that I could actually check site stats (oh! the vanity!) – for some reason I cannot see any tracking tools when I check my blog on my computer, on any browser or even with the firewall down. So far, looks very nice indeed.

And woo hoo! – 3 visitors (and one of them is me!).


After vowing that I would under no circumstances would I watch Big Brother this year, I, once again, found myself sucked into watching the first episode. I really wished I hadn’t when I saw that one of the contestants keeps the hair from every haircut since she was 14 in a tupperware container, almost everyone is a promotional model and there are a mother and daughter in the house who have matching boob jobs.

The horror.


1Massively lame, I know.

2Dept Cool-until-you-are-in-it is quite the United Nations, with me being the token Australian – despite numerous upsizes/downsizes and changes in staff. Well, the token until 400 year old man turned up, but he is hardly human, so doesn’t count.

Titles courtesy of: Hardy Boys: The Arctic Patrol Mystery (No. 2)

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