the sad truth

Today it finally hit me that batshitcrazyorg has political/moral/social objectives that are the polar opposite to my rather strongly held views.

Absolutely everything I believe in, batshitcrazyorg is actively politically promoting the opposite. Those who know what industry I am in will be gobsmacked at this news.

Naïvely when considering employment with them, I figured batshitcrazyorg would be a hotbed of communists (which was just fine & dandy by me). Alas, this is not the case. batshitcrazyorg would have to be the most right-wing organisation I have ever encountered, but secretively*** right-wing (which is worse than being “out there” right-wing, in my opinion).

for example:

batshitcrazyorg = anti-abortion** (today an officer suggested i rename an abortion research file the “murder” file)

mrs hardly = very pro-choice – with no qualifications

batshitcrazyorg = anti-divorce

mrs hardly = twice divorced

batshitcrazyorg = anti-working mothers

mrs hardly = a working mother

batshitcrazyorg = anti-living-together-without-the-benefit-of-the-church’s-blessing

mrs hardly = happily shacked up with fenton

batshitcrazyorg = anti-single mothers

mrs hardly = was a single mother

batshitcrazyorg = anti-sex before marriage (there are many virgins-until-the-wedding-night-at-batshitcrazyorg)

mrs hardly = ummmmm yeah

batshitcrazyorg = anti-brothels

mrs hardly = i respect working girls & believe in their right to have a safe working environment

batshitcrazyorg = anti-legalised injecting rooms

mrs hardly = very pro legal injecting rooms – the streets around here have been amazingly free from drug use paraphenalia since the injecting room opened last year

batshitcrazyorg = anti-homosexuality

mrs hardly = some of my best friends……..

etc etc etc

So now for my dilemma … Can I really work somewhere whose objectives I vehemently oppose? I feel so unclean. Even my wannabelawyer immediate supervisor thinks that it is fine and dandy that we devote a large proportion of our profits to pushing these views polictically, rather than spending it on our core business / clients who pay us money.

Did I mention that despite claiming the alleged moral high ground on whole range of social issues, the organisation freely, and with the complete blessing of the GM, uses illegal software (yes PIRATED software!!) commercially for numerous business applications? Something I have HUGE issues with. Oh and I also have HUGE issues with HYPOCRISY!

At times I wish I was an intellectual vacuum with little to no convictions.

**I think I’d best reconsider my acquisition of cinnamon’s pro-choice messenger bag

***Apparently officers are indoctrinated into the beliefs very early on – but naturally only those who would be sympathetic are recruited – not unlike “the firm”.

2 thoughts on “the sad truth

  1. “(today an officer suggested i rename an abortion research file the “murder” file)”

    OMG I can’t believe a professional could actually voice something likethat in the workplace!

    Get out! Get out!

  2. Sadly, if I had complained about it, I would have been considered in the wrong.

    I am thrilled with myself that I didn’t punch him or swear at him or anything!

    Yes it is time to look.

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