with a heavy heart (i regret to inform you)

Long time readers may recall the shoes I promised to burn, which of course I did not. In my defense they were expensive and comfortable and pink.

Long time readers (really, is there any other kind?) may also recall that I was once a running fiend, clocking up 5-6km 4 days a week – on the treadmill. Any efforts to run outside were fraught with shin splints and knee pain and I could barely manage 200m without needing a wee walk/rest.

Then, last year, came my horrid illness and the accompanying anemia – where I needed a 15 minute rest after the most basic of exertions (walking up a flight of stairs, for example). This was immediately followed by the horrid foot leprosy where I could barely walk for a good 2-3 months.

After a good deal of indolence (enfattening) and recovery and much to my horror, I decided that running might once again be A Thing To Do. But this time … outside, having long relinquished my gym membership.

Unfortunately my pokey toes have begun to break through the (lovely, pink) should-be-burned shoes and have resisted all efforts at mending.

Being serious about this endeavour, I decided to gift myself with a new pair of hideously expensive runners for my birthday (if I didn’t get the haus, holy!goodness! I was going to get something).

I was all about the nike, but the most excellent dude at the athlete’s foot persuaded me to try on brooks and by!golly! I was sold!

So wonderfully comfy!

And so it was that I took myself out and christened the shoes this afternoon. And, much to my amazement, I ran much further (without a rest) than I ever have outdoors! Sure, it was only 1.4km, but it was at least 1km than my best non-treadmill distance. I did run another 500m after a wee walk, but am not sure that counts in terms of the amazing.

Yay! Me!

And yay for Does It Offend You, Yeah who provided most excellent musical accompaniment to this adventure.


As an aside, I cannot believe how infinitely superior the SaltMinesLimited (i)phone camera is to the personal phone’s (I mean, I read the reviews of the aria’s dodgy cam, but holy!goodness!)

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