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As the ever-fabulous Prudence commented recently: the right house will not turn up at the right time, it will not be what you expect and you will need to jump through some tiresome, metaphorical hoops to make it all happen

And so it was that, this afternoon, the agent finally got back to us with a response from the vendors (though she had touched base on Saturday) and, well, it involves a little explanation …

Desired haus has been on market for over 4 months, passes in at auction and price keeps dropping.

We come in at the “offers over x” point.

We offer x + y – which is pretty realistic.

We discover the vendors are divorcing (which agent had alluded to at our second inspection), there is a good deal of conflict. We find out that there have been a couple of offers under x, but that ours is the first realistic one.

We find out today that the ex-husband would accept x + y, but the ex-wife is holding out for x + 10y (which is utterly unrealistic for both the property and the location)

With articles all over the place re: new GFC and haus prices to plummet, good luck with that plan, Princess1.

Don stated that we will go x + 2y, but that is our max for this property.

Clearly The Universe wants us to stay in where we are and save more $$$.

But we are both a little sad.


1Honestly, I have seen shops with less clothes, shoes and jewellery.

4 thoughts on “spooty poopy head

  1. I very much hope she will blink!

    But if she does not, well, we are happily ensconced where we are – and will be able to save more $$ until we find the (almost) perfect thing.

    Though it does rather annoy me that I had the whole, deluded, “of course the will accept our offer on my birthday, and what a fabulous present!” scenario running through my head. So silly!

  2. Having bought and sold several houses, either the one you want comes round again or you find something better. Stay and save your pennies. And happy belated birthday. And thanks for the book!

  3. That is very encouraging indeed! What a frustrating process it all is!

    Glad the last version worked (at least I hope it did!), I’ve plenty more where that came from if you’re in need of material đŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the good wishes.

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