fashion crimes

Although they are fabulously comfortable, when my foot-leprosy is cured I will cheerfully burn these shoes.

I’m currently wearing them everywhere – including all day at the SaltMinesLimited, because they are all that I can wear without extreme agony/limping. Stupid foot.

In other dermatological news, a dashing scar and all-clear from the biopsy.

In other fabulous news – is finally autumn! Hurrah!


2 thoughts on “fashion crimes

  1. Hurrah for the all-clear!

    Did you know that everyone's favourite warship is being scuttled on the 13th of April? I've half a mind to head up to Avoca for it.

  2. Jano!

    I hope your health issues are also resolving themselves in a positive manner!

    I did not know! But it is very exciting – I'd love to see it! Actually I'd love to follow it in a boat and watch it be sunk from close quarters.

    Will be very strange not to see it when I look up when sitting at my desk.

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