baby boy

Our much adored and very favourite son reached the advanced age of 17(!) on Wednesday. And by golly(!), where did the time go? &etc.

We had planned two celebrations – dinner on Saturday evening at a restaurant of J/F’s choice (Al Mustafa) with the entire fam (Joan & Bessie) and a meal with the immediate hausly-fam on the evening of the actual birthday (either Saigon Saigon or the Ancient Briton).

Sadly, on the Big Day, J/F was afflicted with the sore throat/cold that is plaguing half of Sydney and did not feel like venturing out so, verily, we settled for Perry’s pizza. Fortunately I’d sorted a wee interim cake – surprisingly yum.

Still rockin’ the “boy” candle.

Last night we all gathered for the birthday dinner proper (which was marvellous and made us resolve to learn how to make hommus for our own selves).

We retired afterward with a Nigella Malteser cake (as requested).

Both babies commented that it was not the best or the worst cake that they had ever eaten. Bessie noted that it tasted like something we might have bought from a cake shop. Am sure this is a testament to the superior quality of our usual cakes (because I thought it very edible – but we all care little for icing).

Next birthday is our adored Joan, who has requested birthday dinner at Quay. Fortunately we have already commenced with the savering.


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