early & often (nsw edition) ii

It took a few weeks, but finally (and slowly) the out stickers were being removed, leaving a wee ghost of a circle:

Obviously the removal and superior adhesion was becoming too much, so a new strategy was employed:

Then today, the obviously easily removed ins had vanished, to be replaced by:

In other election news I received a phone call from Verity’s mum this afternoon. No! Really!!

Mum (Barb?) wanted to know how I’d be voting. I told her that I thought Verity had been an outstanding local member, but that unfortunately I’d be voting Green because I was really very disgruntled with the Labor Party. She replied that Verity understood (and she was a little disgruntled too) and had I thought about how I might direct my preferences? We had a nice chat, what an exceptionally lovely woman!

Had to venture to Newtown on Friday for things of a tedious medical nature and noticed there are loads of Greens posters everywhere (you may recall it is also an extremely marginal seat) – we’ve had nary a one, Verity is simply everywhere. Although she may be facing a challenge to the poster dominance – two posters for the Liberals recently appeared on Bridge Road – the candidate is of the very polished, silver fox variety and looks like he could totally rock one of those Just for Men commercials.


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