stuff on my balcony: marsupial edition

This is Joaquim, he likes to chow down on our parsley.

Last night it was mind-numbingly, unbearably hot (at least in the Heat Sink Haus). At about 9pm we heard a very loud scrabbling out on the deck and looked out to find one possum chasing another all about the place, leaping over the fainting couch, barbeque &etc.

After a while Joaquim had obviously chased the other, smaller one off and had taken up residence as ruler of our land. He warily watched me water the garden and then braved coming close and drinking from the resulting puddles on the deck.

I felt for the poor, hot beastie and so chopped up an apple and put it out for him (thinking this might keep him away from our herbs), which he summarily devoured.

His antics (he was so afraid and so unfraid) entertained us while we enjoyed The National‘s programming of Rage – until we took our enervated selves to bed in the wee small hours.

We awoke in the morning to find that, in addition to that apple, Joaquim had consumed a great deal of the leaves from the parsley.



2 thoughts on “stuff on my balcony: marsupial edition

  1. Like you, Don thought Joaquim'd be knocking at the door (or chewing through the screens) every night for more eats after the apple incident, but so far no sign of him … suck it h4t3rz.

    Though I think he's just waiting for the parsley regrowth

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