exercise 2013: fifteen

Five runs this week!

Tuesday (09/04): run

First pre-work run, took it easy. Was difficult. Have resolved to do only 5km runs during the week, because getting up any earlier would be exceedingly discouraging.

5.00km | 34:54


Wednesday (10/04): run

Can’t say much for this getting up early for a run caper – suspect it might become easier once I’ve been at it a few weeks. Late dinner of carbs seems to be working well for energy.

5.00km | 34:16


Friday (12/04): run

Think I’ve settled a good 5km route – without the necessity to backtrack (much).

5.01km | 34:44


Saturday (13/04): run

Woo hoo! 11.53km!! Unexpected, extremely slow going, but I’m rather pleased.

11.53km | 1:21:45

distance edited because I clearly cannot read!

Sunday (14/04): run

7.5km, but stupid phone crashed mid-way. Annoying. It has made me greatly desire a garmin forerunner 10 – stupid austerity measures.

7.5km* | No idea (see aforementioned crash)


I’m going to attempt 6 days next week! The weather has been great so there has been no need to investigate the gym yet, however there is rain forecast – so I may be forced to throw some money at the exercise problem, which is kind of what I was trying to avoid.

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