As part of splitting his HSC in two Joe/Frank is only studying two subjects this year, so we agreed it was the perfect opportunity to ramp up his life skills before embarking on the exceedingly scary unknown of next year. He’s already super-helpful around ThePalace(OfLove), so to extend the helpfulness and skillz he’s been cooking dinner at least fortnightly.

Initially he’s been focussing on dishes which are relatively simple to prepare (and which don’t require terribly great fine motor skills), so far he has delighted us with:

January 30 (wednesday): chicken biriyani
February 01 (friday): pea + pancetta pasta risotto
February 07 (thursday): chorizo with tomato + basil
February 14 (thursday): mango chicken curry
February 21 (thursday): butter chicken
March 06 (wednesday): mango chicken curry (2)
March 21 (thursday): beef madras curry
April 05 (friday): chicken rendang

We’re working up to a roast, or a pie!

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