I’m still here, but just barely.

It was a week of much busy-ness. The Don and Carol office romance is no longer, with Don leaving the-workplace-formerly-known-as-Marie-Celeste for good on Friday (it is now a rather more delightful1, non-office, romance). Naturally as departmental doormat, I organised the collection and giftage. He received a very nice and thoughtful ipod shuffle.

We had a very lovely and hearty meal here, as mentioned here, on Friday evening after farewell drinks (limited to a very select few). I can honestly and strongly recommend NOT partaking of pineapple flavoured beer – ever … while it sounds rather delicious in theory (okay, it probably sounds delicious in theory after having many vodka+pineapple in-a-tall-glass’s), it most certainly is not delicious after the first two sips.

The daughter-formerly-known-as-Nancy started her first proper job today at very-big-unnamed-law-firm and seems to be rather liking it (but it required some attention by my good self to hem pants). Hurrah!

Right now, I’m sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, listening to the latest album by this band (don’t click there unless you want music to start playing – which you totally should) and who were totally rocking live when we saw them in January (and also Johnny! Marr!). Do yourself a favour &etc….

I’m also pondering how to get recent comments in the sidebar.

More regular transmission will resume shortly

1It will be even more delightful when my colleagues stop enquiring how I am coping without Don in the workplace (as the one sensible person commented, “she was able to manage before she hooked up with him” – indeed.)

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  1. Thanks Harriet đŸ™‚ Stupid Carol, I don’t want to work but she doesn’t want to support me staying at home sleeping all day for some reason.

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