Do we sense a theme here?

This evening, I’m sitting at my desk on a fitball, with a glass of wine, listening to this band and who were totally rocking live when we saw them in December.

In rather horrible news, Don’s 6 month old mac book appears to have died a quite horrible hard drive death. Stupid Apple. Remind me to back up my hard drives to somewhere at some very soon point.

I’ll get back to normal posting shortly – currently I’m holding down the P & R keys while Don holds down the “Command” and “Option” keys in a worthless attempt to reset the PRAM.

Stupid Apple. Let us hope it is still under warranty. (Update: it is still under warranty).

This is the second Apple hard drive failure in this house in less than 3 days, with the daughter-formerly-known-as-Nancy’s ipod hard drive failing on Sunday evening.

Have I mentioned that Apple is stupid?

Meanwhile, please enjoy our loungeroom wall, with its vast collection of hideously expensive, but quite awesome, album covers

5 thoughts on “Do we sense a theme here?

  1. Wow. Looking pretty fab there 🙂Hard drives crashing can be pretty crap. However at least you are at home with wine in your hand, not wandering the cyber decks of the Celeste at this late hour.-Portly geek.

  2. Apple is stupid. Yet I will get another iPod (+ of course the iPhone when it comes out!!! :D) and Don will get another mac book. Stupid Apple.

  3. Anonymous!

    Oh the perils of becoming awfully drunk when colleagues are about and divulging enough huge, fluorescent, noisy clues to lead right to your (former) blog – and which handily led to this one.


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