Let’s hope they come in 3’s

I arrived home this afternoon to find Don cooking paella! yum!

But also, to find that the hard drive on his old windows box had fried too (think it is the mbr, so will try to grab the data off from slaving it to my computer (note to self: BACK UP). Hopefully that will see the end of the hard drive shenanigans in the DonandCarolhouse.

Oh and the macbook will take 7-10 days to come back.

Stupid Apple.

I really will write a proper post soon, I promise. Meanwhile, please enjoy the photos of skywriting from the day after the grand final (2006) where we totally lost to the Weagles in a rather nail-biting finish.

from the sublime

to the not so much1.

1in the event that it is not clear, it is advertising Hooters. Who knew there was a Hooters in Sydney?

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