clawing it back

Long-time readers may remember my ghastly struggle with a good deal of weight gain and what turned out to be a very short-lived reduction.

I’ve been ignoring the fatness for far too long, hoping it would go away on its own, but of course it has not. The clothes are getting tighter and I’m becoming increasingly displeased with myself.

So, on Saturday I decided it was time to take serious action.

I’m going to start running regularly.

Even longer-time readers will know that, back in the day, I was really quite fit and attended the gym a minimum of 4 times a week and the majority of that time was spent pounding the treadmill. Unfortunately, what with various health issues &etc,¬†it has been at least a year since I’ve done anything remotely physical.

So I ran on Saturday (intervals, because the fitness? she is low) … and it was completely exhausting.

Today was a little more challenging – come running time, it was absolutely pouring with rain – but I sucked it up and out I went. And I was rewarded with a rainbow (and a rainbow umbrella in the foreground)!

I was also rewarded with impossibly sore thigh muscles. Walking should be quite the challenge tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “clawing it back

  1. I’ve started doing the exercise thing, too. I’m thin enough on the outside but tragically unfit.

    a) I sometimes can’t do things with Shan that we’d like to (eg walk up steep things in foreign countries)
    b) when we have babies I’d like for it not to metaphorically kill me, and
    c) when we have babies I’d like for it not to literally kill me

  2. One of my fave comments from you on twitter (a very good while ago – possibly when you two were off to Canberra) was that you don’t *do* walking.

    I’d be utterly rooted if I had to walk up anything slightly steep, this is probably the only good thing about there being no travelling in our immediate future.

    We tried yoga tonight, which I think we will keep up, I’ve missed it – however I am pretty convinced that I wil need to slather every part of my body in dencorub tomorrow.

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