Regular readers may recall that I mentioned recently that I was Piling On The Chub.

Unfortunately since that post there has been a good deal more Chub Piled On.

So very much Chub that I have been forced to acquire some size 14 (US size 101) garments so I do not go about naked. Today I was forced to purchase size 14 jeans from Kmart (they were inexpensive [$19], and I desperately needed a pair) and they were quite snug.

While processing this dire development, I realised that I have never been this size in my whole life when not Extremely Pregnant. When I first hooked up with Donaldo I was a super-fit size 6 (US size 21). Bloody hell. I remember when I thought a snug size 12 (US size 81) needed extreme intervention. Bloody hell indeed.

All this chub is proving very, very,very physically uncomfortable and I Desperately need to do something about it.

My key Mucho Chubbo issues as I understand them, are:

  1. Extreme lack of exercise because of stupid, broken pox foot
  2. Portion control (I eat enough for someone who does manual labour for 10 hours per day. Sadly, I am sedentary to the max and my manual labour totals roughly 10 minutes per day.)
  3. Way too many wines, way, way too regularly.
  4. Ill health & hormones coursing through bod.

Did I mention that I desperately need to do something about this?

Come Monday (it will be alright … holding you tight &etc):

  1. I will manage/cut portions.
  2. I will walk to work (and work through 3xtr3m3 foot pain) & get in some other exercise.
  3. I will cut out the winez.
  4. I will measure/weigh/photograph self to get a handle on how ghastly this is.

Hopefully that will go some way to holding back the size 18 (US size 141).

1It very much speaks to my vanity that I need to qualify that.


4 thoughts on “FAT

  1. hazelblackberry said…

    How did today go, portion-wise etc? I'm on a slight upward trend I fear and is down to nothing but sheer greed. Ick. Must. Change. Ways.

  2. Oh! Hello beloved HB!

    I know, I totally hate this enforced sensibility and having to take action because … I want to be free to do what I want to do, and I want to get loaded and have a good time. But I digress …

    Day 1 = good.

    Dinner was always going to be my biggest challenge because I am forever having seconds (okay, thirds /fourths) of our meals. I managed to avoid that this evening (and there were leftovers for lunches!)

    Was utterly knackered after the walking to and from (45 min each way) the SaltMinesLimited and then spending seemingly all evening in the kitchen with stock & muffins & dinner prep – so was way too occupied to even think about snacking/grazing which is another of my big problems.

    Plus, amazingly, no winez!

    We're putting the cost of a bottle into the savings account when we don't succumb to the temptation of buying one – is a reasonable motivator.

  3. And in Prudence's household, there have been blood tests upon blood tests, discovering metabolic syndrome. Which lead to very expensive visits to the dietician, then tears, then a very strict diet (with no wine). But! 8kg down, which is a quarter of the way there. So empathy from the other side of the country. Less is more.

  4. Wow, 8 kg is just marvellous! That is amazingly well done.

    The thought of no wine is just dreadful, but having just forced Don to take snaps of me in my underwear (which were utterly ghastly)- I think I may need to take Drastic Action if these baby steps don't start doing the trick.

    Have measured self, but need to find some scales to get on for documentation purposes.

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