The week has been very calming, if not a little exhausting.

I’ve felt a good deal better about things and have not missed twitter (or metafilter) At. All. – which is a good, good thing (okay, I do very much miss keeping up with my favourite imaginary friends’ doings – blog moar, people!).

The past few days in a nutshell (apart from SaltMinesLimited doings):

Tuesday: hand-sewed waistband back on skirt from which lining was ripped on Monday. Then ventured out to see The Hold Steady at the Metro. As always, they put on a wonderfully fantastic, very tight, show. Craig spoke between songs of having a soul-sucking office job at 30 and how he started a band (man) and how, eight years later, it has proved to be the most absolutely best job of his life (much food for thought). My foot is still recovering from all the exertion.

Wednesday: meal planning / grocery shopping / mucho-exhaustion. Crocheted Mom’s blanket a bit. Read some genteel murders for a bit. In bed before 9pm (what pauvre, sad olde people we have become).

Thursday: Joe/Frank had Modern History essay due Friday – mucho proof reading & editing suggestions required (oh the HSC years!). Also made cottage pie – which was tres magnifique!

I’d very much like to learn how to balance the necessities of life with those things I’d love to do. I’d love to be about less chores, more crafting/cooking/reading/resting.

How on earth do people manage it?


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