While I am generally very pleased with the move over to wordpress.com, there are a couple of things I don’t like about this theme.

In particular this horrid serify type-face makes me super-unsettled and rather stabby.

So I’m thinking I can get around it by using the <font> tag on every post.

woo hoo! sans serif!

I also rather loathe the truncated version of posts by category and in the archives, but I can deal with that (for a while at least).

If only my ISP supported wordpress intalls, I could mess to my heart’s content, but alas!

3 thoughts on “histrionic

  1. How easy is it to move things from one WP installation to another? Images especially, I know posts move around OK. Might be time to dip your toes in shared hosting!

  2. Yeah, I think perhaps it is time – though given the age it has taken me to actually move to wordpress at all, time could be a very relative thing!

    However my hatred of this typeface could escalate the process considerably.

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