As part of my FAT reduction project I forced Donaldo to photograph me in my underwear.

I won’t be sharing the horrifying (and mismatching bra+undies) images with you, but, through the magic of photoshop, please be utterly aghast at my silhouette – I know I was. You’ll thank me later for not sharing the real thing.

ZOMG! Those thighs!

Also as part of the FAT reduction project (FRP), I took some measurements:

41 (104cm) ZOMGWTFBBQ!1
33 (83cm)
41 (104cm) ZOMGWTFBBQ!1

Ackk!! Though I guess I should be glad that the hourglass is still intact.

This week, I have attacked the FRP. I have walked to and from SaltMinesLimited (round trip of 7km) each day. I have eaten a proper breakfast of healthy cereal. I have consumed a lunch of a capacity of no greater than 350ml. I have not consumed non-healthful snacks post-work or in the evenings (or indeed, at all). There have been no seconds/thirds/fourths. There has been No Winez During Week Nights (which also forms part of the MassiveSavingsPlan[MSP]).

I feel pretty chuffed with my efforts – but the very, very long haul is to follow.

1It was only upon conversion to metric that I realised the full horror.


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