FAT (2)

You may recall the unFATtening project upon which I have recently embarked.

I deliberately did not weigh myself at the beginning of this project because frankly, I care little for how much I weigh, I am all about my size. I was also planning not to measure myself for a month after the initial measurements because I’d only be setting myself up for disappointment.

So far I have been really very good with portion control, eschewing snacks, not eating a single one of the dozens and dozens of muffins I have made for Don and Joe/Frank, walking to work and staying off the booze on week-nights.

Today my skirt was a little loose and when I put my hands on my hips (as I am prone to do rather a lot when standing) my waist felt a little smaller. So I thought it really couldn’t hurt to just check my progress a teensy bit.

I dragged out the tape measure and Holy Goodness!

I have lost 2 inches (5 cm) from my chest and hips and 3 inches (7.5cm) from my waist! I have now checked this 4 times.

Of course I have no expectations that things will continue at this pace and there is still a very good way to go.

But what a pleasing outcome! I feel very encouraged to keep this up.


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