no problems, just solutions

My Leprosy Foot is nowhere near better, but last week I’d really very much had enough of 1. wearing my runners everywhere and 2. people asking me why I was wearing runners everywhere.

I was desperate and determined to find a solution. Even if it involved old lady shoes. Even if it very much contravened the rules of the MSP (massive savings project).

And verily, I found some not-too old lady shoes with squishy insoles (on sale even!) – which do a stellar job of highlighting my cankles.

Then it occurred to me that I might be able to locate some super-squishy insoles which I could insert into my barely-worn loafers (the current insole feels as though it is crafted from concrete). And so I found some very squishy lambswool ones at a bargain price.

Sure, I still need the runners for walking to work and for any sort of distance, but at least I can cavort (okay, hobble) about the office decently shod.

In other footwear news, I have decided that I am totally and utterly over shoes with heels and have resolved never to wear them again (just like that period in the 1990s when I only wore men’s shoes [infinitely less expensive, infinitely better quality, infinitely more comfortable]). Though at the current rate of Leprosy Foot healing this will be no great issue.


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