election: fin

Last evening the whole fam1 celebrated the State Election with hummus with lamb and pine nuts (Absolutely To Die For!), tzatziki and Totally Oz party pies and sausage rolls2 and lashings of wine (or coca-cola if you are Joe/Frank, or water if you are Bessie – who has given up soft-drink for Lent).

Donaldo and I ventured out betimes (owing to Don’s golfing commitments) to get our suffrage on.

On the way we stopped by our new local coffee joint (long may it prosper!) for brekkie.

Perhaps it is the child of the 70s in me, but I truly respond extremely well to this orange (and wish we had managed to obtain cast-iron cookware in the same colour-way).

Baked Beans. So! Very! Good!

Ex-boss from batshitcrazyorg was very, very high on the upper house ballot . Call me deluded, but my hope is that the populace might one day realise the utterly revolting extreme rightwinged-ness entrenched in certain (dominant) segments of the NSW Labor party.

Any-hoo, we’ve a new Government and lets hope they are better than the last lot, because they could hardly be worse!

1Our beloved Joan joined the celebrations.
2Truly, Villis Pies are the most magnificent in the whole entire multiverse, their sausage rolls are less superior, though still very good indeed.


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