first day of the rest of the whatevs

I made a vow to myself that I would say away from coronavirus live news updates today. It’s now past 9pm and I’ve thus far managed to avoid that particular time suck.

Buoyed by the unexpected success of my RAM sales in January, I’ve set a goal this month to find 10 unwanted things in ThePalace(OfLove) and flog them off on eBay – all profits to the #travelfund.

I found the first four items and listed them this morning. If I get $50 total for the old speakers, two bits of home-brewing equipment and a pair of lightly worn shiny silver shoes, I’ll be pretty pleased. Plus, decluttering! I’ve minimalist yearnings (again) after we had to rearrange furniture after the leaks and rather fell in love with the empty(ish) space.

In slightly related minimalisty news, today I hit the 100 day mark of the clothes buying ban. A mere two temptations (which I managed to resist) is pretty good going! The secret seems to be unsubscribing from emails and not setting foot into clothing stores. It has been actually kind of easy, I’ve not even needed to recourse to making clothes as substitutes for shopping, though I did quite delight in shortening Don’s cast off tee-shirts and making them my own.

The ban on clothes has lead to a reduction in other spending too and I’m really trying to be conscious about what I bring in. This was quite not as successful as I went a wee bit crazy buying fabric and thread at the Lincraft city store closing down sale – yet more things to add to the craft mountain. As it stands I’ll have projects to last me until 2039.

In yet another attempt to get myself away from the endless scrolling on the phone and bring a bit of cheer, from tomorrow I’m planning to sit at my desk with my first coffee and reintroduce the (hardcopy) daily journal. I need more gratitude and analogue in my life. While searching for a link for “daily journal” I noticed that for the past couple of years I’ve been quite grumpy in March.

I wonder what that’s about?

I’m also going to kill the day count under each post, it’s really not serving the intended purpose – which, if I’m honest, I don’t quite remember! something about watching my life race past before my eyes?

2 thoughts on “first day of the rest of the whatevs

  1. Also sitting down with coffee today to do analogue writing(well, in a minute!) and plan creative endeavours. I think there’s something about the start-of-year grumps that makes one (this one included) clear stuff out and focus on good things.

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