2016 projects list

At the beginning of the past three years I’ve identified a number of projects I’d like to complete through the year. You can see the previous annual lists in the menu up at the top of the page – under a year of projects.

This year I’m still doing an annual project list, but it will be little different.

Because I’ve committed to the rather ambitious 50before50 project over the next 2 years, it is nuts to even supposed that I could do that AND work on a huge annual project list. So, this year I’m focussing mostly on the 50 list, with a couple of what I hope are achievable extras.

On with the list:

  1. complete 50% of the 50before50 list (see what I mean about ambitious)
  2. each morning list 3 things I’m grateful for/feeling positive about and 3 small things I’d like to achieve. This will be in hard copy (see below), I’m not going to inflict that on you every day!
  3. eat a wider range of healthy food – more diversity with veg and salads
  4. comment more on the blogs I love (using an RSS reader has made me terrible about this)
  5. drink alcohol a maximum of 5 times during the year
  6. complete Palace-ly chores (and grocery shopping) during the week to free-up weekends for fun/projects

daily list for 2nd January

2 thoughts on “2016 projects list

    • Oh I definitely agree about the narrowed reading! I’m sure there are really great blogs out there – but how does one find them?

      I’ve discovered a couple of new (to me) really good niche blogs this year – from the GOMI forums of all places – but I try to avoid going there generally because there is only so much fat, jealous, hatery that I can tolerate!

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