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#24 on my 50before50 list is reduce frequency of sports injuries – which is nicely vague, isn’t it?

One part of achieving this is to do cardio in addition to running – like long, hilly hikes for example. But it can’t be all hikes all the time, so this morning to celebrate Don’s last day of holidays, we took ourselves out for an early bike ride. This makes the second ride since I bought Bessie’s bike from her almost three years ago. We’re taking a use-it-or-lose-it approach to this and several other items in the garage.

Rather than drive somewhere to ride, we walked down to the servo to pump up our tyres, then rode down to the bay run – which is actually a lot closer than you’d think, and which we rarely take advantage of.

And I actually cycled on the road! This is a big achievement because Sydney traffic is not at all cycle friendly (and the prospect of riding of the road is not a little scary). But thankfully being early, there were not a lot of cars about. This is a huge psychological step in my prep for #27: ride bike to and from work (on one day), on a date to be determined.

Our route:

One of the sad things about cycling is that you can’t easily take pix as you’re going along – so I missed capturing the dozens and dozens of very happy dogs at the dog park (which I didn’t know existed) and the pretty scenery around the bay.

I did get an artful shot of my rusty bike and Don’s legs.

It was pretty fun! I can see doing this a bit more on the regular.

I definitely need to get myself one of those rear-view mirrors for my handle-bars, and possibly a service. Oh, and to work out what those 37+ gears are actually for.

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