25 and 26

I feel like I’ve completely forgotten how to construct a sentence, never mind a whole post – I hope you’ll bear with me while I attempt to get my groove back.

As is traditional, we were dispersed for Xmas Day – the babies with their other family(ies)** and Joan on the other side of the world in Marrakesh. Don and I (and the kitties) spent a rather sedate but quite delightful day pottering about.

We did some puzzling++, I did some crafting, we listened to CDs and spent some time prepping for our Boxing Day family dinner (pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw, soft buns).


In the evening we feasted on BBQ lamb leg and fattoush. Both were excellent. This was a relief as my cooking mojo has been in absentia recently. Possibly aligned with my general malaise?

After my success of a few years ago, I also whipped up my second ever pavolva. It seemed much less effort than the first, mostly because I absolutely agonised about recipe selection and every step of the process the first time around. This time I was diligent about wiping down the equipment with white vinegar, but otherwise pretty relaxed about it. It turned out better than I could have hoped – all credit to my 80 billion dollar oven. For much of my life I loathed pavlova. I suspect this is because I’d never had a decent one – I couldn’t see the appeal in horrid crumbly shards of over-sweet staleness. Who knew they were supposed to be deliciously gooey in the centre?

I didn’t want to waste four egg yolks, so spontaneously decided to make the base for chocolate ice-cream – the first time I’ve made ice-cream in absolutely forever. The ice-cream maker is over 20 years old and I used it all the time when the children were small and I was trying to be the ultimate housewife. Bessie rescued it from under her dad’s house years ago, but I think I’ve maybe used it once since then.

Note from my past self

My idea of a perfect relaxed kind of day.


We started meal prep relatively early on Boxing Day to get the beans^^ into the oven and the pork into harky-the-smoker. Each required around 8 hours of slow cooking.

Fortunately after the initial time investment there is not a huge amount to do, so lots more time for pottering and puzzling.

Joe/Frank had returned home very late the night before, Bessie and Hansel arrived mid-afternoon from house-sitting for Hansel’s parents and we exchanged gifts – a post for another time I think – we puzzled, listened to CDs, I churned the ice-cream, Don made coleslaw, I made lemonade.

TheUniverse was definitely smiling on us as every last bit of the meal was spectacularly good. There’s a lot to be said for having quality equipment and for taking time!

After dinner we played a rousing game of ticket to ride and of course I came last, because I am dreadful at board games. We sent Bessie and Hansel off home laden with delicious leftovers.

I do love the summer break.

2893-2890 days


** Bessie splits Xmas between Hansel’s family, her other family and us. Exhausting!
++ We bought this last year, but then were stuck of Bessie’s impossible puzzle. Trying to find a link and failing.
^^ You should make these – they are very very tasty.

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  1. Sadly I did get any photos of her laying *on* the in-progress puzzle, but be assured that this has happened more than once.

    A piece vanished from the 2016 Xmas puzzle – we’re convinced one of them consumed it.


    One of those vanishing comments! Reposted 03/02/2020

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