The thing I like about taking the time to assess why I’m grumpy is that I’m usually moved to take action pretty quickly afterward.

Yesterday morning I forced myself to ride for 5min (baby steps) on the exercise bike.

Today the air quality was only moderately bad, so I went for a very tiny run around the block. I’ve concluded that if I wait for the air quality to be good I’m unlikely to leave the house and that I should carpe the whatevs when and where I can.

Everything out there is pretty brown, dusty and very dry.


brightest thing on the street

That umbrella looks relatively new and likely broke in the super-strong winds on Saturday night. Such is the disposable society we live in. I was tempted to rescue it, but quickly came to my senses – I mean, what exactly would I *do* with it?

2894 days

2 thoughts on “saviour

  1. Merry Christmas! Celia (fig jam and lime cordial) would probably have an idea of something to do with the umbrella fabric. But we can’t all be that resourceful. Probably better not to fill up one’s storage space with stuff like that. Congratulations on your bits of exercise: definitely better a little than none. I hope the fires stop and air quality improves.


    One of those vanishing comments! Reposted 02/02/2020

  2. Thank you! And belated Merry Xmas to you.
    I’m sure Celia would find something amazing! I adore her and her extreme repurposing, I do wish she would post more frequently.

    I did have a some umbrella fabric I’d carefully unpicked from a favourite umbrella which I carted around for way too many years until I acknowledged it was unlikely I would ever actually do anything with it. I am trying not to bring more things into the Palace, but I’m unconvinced this is sustainable.

    We’ve been very, very fortunate to have had a brief respite from the smoke and to my delight I’ve managed a very tiny run each morning. Back on the exercise bike today as it is hot and hazy, but pleased I forced myself to do *something*.


    One of those vanishing comments! Reposted 02/02/2020

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