From my lovely-but-too-short break from SML …


Monday yoga with candles and chanting-as-background-music:

Challenging session, and very different to the usual Saturday class. I felt pretty amazing afterward.

I don’t know what’s happened in the five years since I last did yoga (semi) regularly, but I seem to have much better focus and ability to breathe. I daresay the improved breathing is due to the running and cardio. I think the focus is likely due less of the comparing myself (unfavourably, of course) to everyone else around me and just getting on with it.

I definitely need more in my life.


We finally treated ourselves to a small aquarium and bought the first inhabitants!

This is so wonderful and relaxing and quite the best thing ever.

We’ll slowly be adding more inhabitants over the coming months.


I made Scandinavian coconut biscuits as recommended by the excellent ganching

very ordinary photo, but incredibly delicious – A+++ would make again

I’m a little unconvinced as to the Scandinavianness of coconut, but you should definitely make a batch!


And despite my intention to Stay Away from the InformationSuperhighway, I discovered a couple of new-to-me blogs and have been devouring the archives:

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. Local, loads of excellent food, great resources and many other good things. How I had not discovered this blog before is a mysterious mystery because it is pretty much everything I like.

Foxs Lane. Organic farming, crafting, photographs to die for.

You should go read them!


On my first day of hols after pilates I popped down to Glenmore Meats to grab some chicken wings to make stock, only to find it closed – forever!

Nooooooo! I knew the building/land had been sold, but one of the staff told me the lease had been extended for a couple of years. Clearly something had changed. I’m sure it will become yet another of the dozens of new apartment blocks in the area – for which there will be absolutely no improvement in infrastructure (thank The Universe I’ve started riding my bike to work).

We have such fond memories of that place – long time readers may remember my attempt to capture the fleet of impressively painted vehicles.

Glebe is becoming less and less familiar as time passes and favourite places close down or move away. Though really it’s been FIVE YEARS since we moved here – you’d think we’d start thinking of Petersham as home at some point (we’ll have soon been here longer than we were there!).

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