50before50: #9 sew a garment for myself and wear it (pyjama pants don’t count)

I’d definitely call myself a sewist (sew-er?), but I don’t think I’ve really sewn a garment for myself since I was in high school. I’ve bought fabric and downloaded patterns several times in the past which I’ve procrastinated over and then abandoned. This challenge was an effort to stop dithering – and maybe explore what was holding me back.

As is my way, I agonised about what to choose for some time. Naturally my initial thoughts were around something terribly complicated and structured (why do I do this to myself?). Then I had stern words with myself about decision paralysis and conveniently the Scarborough Fair skirt pattern appeared on Posie Gets Cozy and I decided to JFDI (Just Do It).

I really struggled to find appropriate fabric – searched Lincraft in the CDB at lunch, the remnant warehouse and finally found spotty navy cotton at Lincraft in Alexandria on the first day of my holiday. As an aside, I should have just gone to Spotlight, I visited on Tuesday an attempt to find elastic that Lincraft didn’t stock and they had loads of amazing options – lesson for next time.

The pattern was interesting in that it required no pieces – just a bunch of rectangles based on your measurements. I won’t lie that this was a little confronting, but it actually turned out to be super-simple. I made a couple of minor changes – lowered the pockets, hand-stitched top-stitched the back edge of the waistband – otherwise made as directed.

On with the pix-or-it-didn’t-happen:

sewing helper

work in progress

all the helping

finished! front

and back

I was really pretty pleased with the result, but I couldn’t mark this challenge as done until I’d completed the and wear it part.

So I wore it to work today! It’s pretty great and I think I’ll wear it often.

action shot: desk

action shot: elevator

action shot: uniqlo change room

This has definitely worked as intended – it really has kick-started my sewing for myself motivation. I’ll also make this skirt again – though I think I’d go for in-seam pockets rather than the patch pockets in the pattern.

As for what was holding me back? Like most things I think that I really have problems spending time doing things for me!

And that’s another one off the list! No way am I going to get all of these done – but even 75% would be Winning.

0 thoughts on “50before50: #9 sew a garment for myself and wear it (pyjama pants don’t count)

    • Thanks Shauna!

      I’ve really no idea why it took me so long to do this. I am definitely the Queen of procrastinators.

      It is excellently swishy and great for flouncing, I really need more of these in my life.

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