and why are they doing that? and what does that mean?

Today Don and I ventured out to watch American College football. We’d had fun last year at the CAL v Hawaii game and given Stanford were playing this time, we dropped a bunch of cash on tickets and dusted off Don’s well used and very grody Stanford caps.

Stanford were playing Rice (yeah, I had no idea who they were either). But I’m highly entertained by the idea of Rice Owls.

Given that I have no idea of the intricacies of American football, I took the zoom lens along to entertain myself. I should do this more often and wish I’d thought of it for the local baseball.

And I just had to include the very excellent mullet rocked by one of the Rice players!

Stanford absolutely ran away with it 62-7. 

The weather was gorgeous and we had a very nice time, but I’m still no closer to understanding quite how the game works! 

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  1. agkaty says:

    Rice is a great school and very highly regarded. Also considered very geeky, would not be surprising that they suck at football.

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