barely enough

It was sport, sport and more sport for Don and I today.

Joe/Frank and Bessie’s dad kindly gifted us his tickets to the NCAA season opener between CAL and Hawaii. Why it was played in Sydney is a mysterious mystery. The weather was brilliant and sparkling and it was excellent to be out amongst it with 61,245 other people.

what are these weird goal posts?

I know absolutely nothing avout American football, so was peppering Don with questions like: “why is he doing that?” “what does that mean?” “is that a CANNON?” “why do they do that?” &etc. He bore the barrage with his usual good grace.

It was quite fun and a great atmosphere – very festive. But wow, games go for a *really* long time!

Unfortunately we had to to leave at 3/4 time to head back into the city for …


The ducks!

I finally made it to a game (I think it was my second for the year). Beautiful evening with 36,568 other people. There was definitey small crossover between both groups, but crazy to think there were almost 100k people watching football in my city today.

now this i understand

We won by over 100 points and secured the minor premiership. Not to get too excited because last time that happened it did not end well.

There was tons of walking involved in getting to and from the various stadia, and right now I am completely and utterly knackered.

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