and sleeping in until 8am!

Arrived back home last evening from our excellent long-weekend away.

Well, excellent apart from the football result – which was dire indeed. Even though we missed out on the tickets (one of the 12% of the member ballot to miss out), we found a great local pub to watch in. The atmosphere was excellent and so refreshing to be around people who understand the game (most places in NSW being somewhat of an AFL wasteland). And hey, TheUniverse looked after the bank account, because paying to watch that ghastly performance would have been infinitely more unpleasant than watching it for free.

South Melbourne / Albert Park is a really incredibly lovely area and the haus we stayed in was very cute. First airbnb experience was definitely a success. We arrived to find a totes adorbs message:

sadly they did not

We hit the shops on Friday and I now have more winter coats than I will know what to do with (which is good – Sydney does not know how to sell decent coats). Though what I will probably do with them is pack them away until winter. It was 30 degrees today.


We took the babies on a forced death march yesterday of about 8.5km. To their extreme credit they did not complain once. I took dozens of photos with the werkphone of lovely things, but none worth reproducing. I really need a decent camera that doesn’t weigh several tons.

Joan and Ajax did a marvellous job of kitty and palace minding – but we were very glad to come home.

I took an extra day annual leave and so have been pottering about today – scrubbing the rubbish bins, tidying, cooking, slothing. I really needed a day to decompress as SML has been a little intense since TheReckoning and AnxiousMum has been particularly impossible to deal with.

Back to it tomorrow.

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