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Ever since I moved to Hippy’burb, I’ve been walking past Glenmore Meats 1 (sadly, their website seems to be no longer functional) on the way to (and sometimes from) work.

Often Don and I visit there for our meaty needs.

But not only do Glenmore Meats have friendly service and maximum discounts! They have so much more!

They have a fleet of awesomely/terrifyingly painted vehicles with a bovine theme.

I’m so enamoured that I’m slowly photographing each vehicle (with the super-fabulous iphone – whatever did I do without it?) as I encounter them. The eventual goal being documenting the entire fleet. Unfortunately, the quality of the images the iphone takes fluctuates greatly, so apologies in advance.

This cow (let’s call him Dave, shall we?) seems to be the face of Glenmore.

Dave, face of Glenmore.

The saddest cow in the land.
I really need to re-take this one, you just can’t get a sense Dave’s terribly fornlorn expression.

Dave, hanging with his homies.

This is my second favourite. Igor serves Dave for dinner.

There is one elusive truck that I see very rarely – it is my favourite and by god I will have it for the collection. I can’t say what it features because that will totally spoil it. I will, however, give you a hint … actually, no, I can’t give you a hint, because it is just that awesome2.

1Previously mentioned here

2Yes, giving up “totally” and “awesome” is going really well, thanks.


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