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Now that the colder months have arrived, I need a yarn arts project for curling up in front of awesome 1970s television.

I’m a bit over scarves I think (although I might reconsider for the right pattern!). Don asked for socks, but while I feel that my skill level is probably okay for socks, I’m very daunted by them.

I want something fairly simple (so I can perve on James Garner and pick out the enormous plot holes), knits up (or crochets up) reasonably quickly, is not Nanna-ish (although of course Nanna-ish things are totally rocking, they’re not what I’m after).

Suggestions welcomed!


9 thoughts on “yarn arts

  1. I knitted several pairs of man-socks and stopped because they weren’t lasting any longer than bought socks. It was very easy, but made more difficult by the request for black socks! I even grafted the toes, so as to be more comfortable than having a toe-seam.

    Hats! I know you could come up with a groovy hat idea.

  2. I was thinking of a post of heinous crocheted hat patterns, but then I thought that would be a little mean – damn that Don and his nice-ifying me!

    Also, given that you are the yarn guru, what on earth would be the equivalent of “thin-worsted yarn”?

  3. Thank you, o! genuis. I might give baby wool a bash then.

    If it turns out too small I can … errr … find a child with a small head to gift it to.

  4. Those wacky Northern Hemisphereans seem to knit everything in worsted weight, I much prefer 8 ply – the quicker the better!

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