50before50: #2 – run a total of 700km (2/7)

It’s been quite a while since the last update, but I finally reached the 200km mark (actually this happened mid-Feb, but I hadn’t updated the running log).

A combination of extreme summer heat, occasional unwellness, crazy-SML-busyness and lots of rain have really messed with my ability to find time to run and, let’s be honest, with my motivation. And my love-hate relationship with the garmin continues as it periodically seizes up and stops recording mid-run (if I run and it is not recorded, is it really a run?). But the cooler weather is upon us and I look forward to getting back on track. I may have to suck it up and just use my phone to track me – which will eliminate one frustration).

My back of the envelope calculations have me needing to log 13km per week to meet the 700km goal. I still don’t think this is entirely unachievable – it will definitely be a stretch, but I am not abandoning hope!


And today I managed 7km! Sure it was 7km of 5min run | 2min walk intervals, but I will take every little thing I can get!

bad screenshot of route

I love the route along the greenway, the skies were sunny, the temperature was cool and I felt like queen of the world – which is something I’ve not experienced for quite some time!

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