Today I took the second of my annual leave days owing from January. My only intention was not to fall into some InformationSuperhighway vortex and emerge, dazed, several hours later – achievement achieved!

I also went to pilates (which my ipad wants to capitalise). New instructor this time and she was fabulous. This was the best class of the six(ish) I’ve taken, I’m now delightfully achey. I used to be mortified to have my positions adjusted at yoga, but being much older and hopefully slightly less crazy, I’m all about getting as much assistance as possible. My bridge is now all the better (back bend here I come)! This has really made me want to be one of those ladies who can drop into Friday morning pilates on the regular. 

I gardened a little and attended to the poor neglected worm farm. Future Action Item is to acquire replacement worms. I also learned that the empty teabags I was (formerly) using do not appear to be at all biodegradable. I also want to be one of those ladies who can indulge in a little light Friday gardening.

I cooked a pretty excellent chicken curry from scratch – including making paste and grinding spices. Yes, I want to be one of those ladies who can spend Friday afternoon cooking complicated meals.

And I FINALLY took the giant bag of discarded fabric and a pile of hardware bit and giant letters to Reverse Garbage and The Bower respectively. And of course I want to be a lady who can run decluttering errands on Fridays.

And most delightfully, I did not think of SML one little bit.

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March 12, 2017 3:02 AM

Hah! This post resonated with me. During tax season I want to be competent, high performing lady tax accountant! But I also want to be the lady who can enjoy her tidy, well-kept home, do some light crafting and some music, potter in her garden, get enough exercise, and read lots of books. I end up falling short on all counts. Hooray for leave days.