50before50: #2 – run a total of 700km (1/7)

This is the most revised of all of my 50before50 challenges. Originally it was run a half-marathon, but injury kind of put paid to that. Then it was run 100km in fun runs, but there aren’t realistically enough fun runs to achieve that in the time available. So I settled on the 700km – mostly it seemed more of a stretch than 500km.

This weekend I finally hit the 100km mark. Hurrah! 

Unfortunately this took me 5 months and at current pace I’ll be quite a bit over 50 by the time I hit the 700km goal. 

This challenge is often somewhat at odds with #24: reduce frequency of sports injuries, as I could go much harder if it wasn’t for the terror of hurting myself yet again. 

By my calculations, I’ll need to do 10km a week from now to get there. I feel like this is not entirely unachievable. We’ll see where I end up.

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