50before50: #49 buy new music on average of once per month (8-11/24)

For someone who finds counting so soothing, I’m really terrible with tallying up these things. The last post on my new music acquisitions should have been 4-7/24 (was 3-6, now updated).

To my surprise, I’ve managed to keep this up – though the acquisitions tend to go in chunks. Thankfully I included the word average in there.

Like my reading list, I’ve given up any pretense of aligning this to months / quarters and just post when I remember – this covers June through mid-October:

sex tourists: sex tourists demo
(digital EP)
I really love this. Very very 1980s electronica – New Order(ish), but also kind of lo-fi totally Aus.

la sera: music for listening to music to
(digital album)
First non-Australian music I’ve bought for a while. I’ve never heard anything so like The Smiths before – with female vocals. Particularly time to go which you should totally go listen to. Is pretty great.

the laurels: sonicology
(digital album)
Bit shoegazey, bit psychedlic – a lot fabulous.

i heard a whisper: class of 2015 – october
(digital album)
Strictly not buying new music here. An excellent free mix-tape on bandcamp from radio station RRR in Melbourne – feat. a bunch of really fabulous emerging artists. Will definitely pursue the work of a bunch of them. I’ll also be listening to the other RRR mix-tapes to discover new things.

Again, all bought from bandcamp, because they are awesome.

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