50before50: #49 buy new music on average of once per month (4-7/24)

4I’d been slacking on the buying new music front, so I acquired 3-months worth in one sitting (hey, they are my rules). The theme for this period appears to (unintentionally) be All Australian All The Time.

So for March, April and May we have

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding: Any Port in a Storm
(digital album)
Low-fi, garage(ish), totally Aus. From 2013 – remembered that I wanted to buy this when heard a preview of the new, not-yet-released EP.

Richard Cuthbert: Swimming Pool
(digital EP)
More low-fi, more totally Aus. Heard this once on fbiradio and took forever to track it down.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard: Nonagon Infinity
(digital album)
Totally 70s psychedelic

All bought from bandcamp – who try to do right by artists

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